#MondayBlues: What Happened To The Digitisation Craze?

If there is anything that Zimbabweans are now accustomed to are empty promises. Yes, the Government has become a team of great architects and builders of air castles as they put a lot of hype in the media to do one thing then takes forever to fulfill.

By Bee Sting 

What #MondayBlues is not impressed at all and would have appreciated the same propagandist to even hype the problems or to be politically correct, the same challenges, they are facing as they owe it to the nation to update and inform them on national developments.

To date, the exhausted ZBC is still occupying the major and critical 800mhz frequency, a gold mine frequency which can revolutionise telecommunications in Zimbabwe, if the under-utilised frequency is freed for mobile telecommunications which can be easily and enable lower cost access to deliver 4G and 5G possibilities for the development of the nation.

The major issue is when are Zimbabweans making an exodus to digitalisation out of the outworn analogue system.

The deadline given by the International Telecommunications Union for Zimbabwe’s migration to digital  from analogue broadcasting technology was June 2015 with the Southern Africa Development Community graciously extending it to June, 2016.


The Zimbabwean government has been giving monotonous updates on the digitisation progress  and citing funding problems as the cause of delay but sadly there is nothing really to  write home about.

Last week, The Herald ran an article headlined ‘Digitalisation will tell our story’ where the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media, and Broadcasting Services George Charamba while touring two new digital transmitter sites in Kariba and Siyakobvu said this project would project a positive image to the world.

Chief executive officer of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) Obert Maganyura was quoted saying:

But this was in 2015 but how ever we are already in September implying migration task is simply proving to be a fruitless effort.”

There are so many questions hanging in the air as at one moment the people of Zimbabwe are given hope and they have lost that hope as it appears we are looking for the Well of soothing waters in the Sahara desert.

But Zimbabweans have since grown weary of waiting for the better sound,images and variety of programs it was said that the country requires about US$125 million to complete the process.

Questions keep rising as Zimbabweans wonder how completion is to be achieved at such a moment and time when the country has an ailing economy with a cash crisis which seems to be getting worse by the day. One then wonders if ever the Zimbabwean baby called digitisation will see the light with $125 million being needed to complete the migration which is said to only be 34 percent done.

After all the promises, and all, one wonders if the digitalisation baby will see the light of day. With the Government coming up with alibis of this and that, the question engraved on Zimbabweans is “How long should we wait for the digitalisation project to come to fruition






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