#MondayBlues: Things fall apart at Bustop TV

With the BuStop TV crew in the celebratory mood for their second anniversary, it seems the management has slippery hands that lets crew members exit the company willy-nilly.

Could it be the problem of  Lucky Aaroni at the helm or the crew members?

By Sting

Bustop crew members  have been abandoning ship, one thing is for sure that Aaroni is running his Bustop like a tuck shop.  Sources close the developments cite that the director-cum-cameraman has greed issues he needs to deal with.

Had he not been greedy, the short-spaced departures facing the company would have not occurred.


Lucky Aaroni

Now that the troubled video skit production company is now a sorority of actresses (Chaz and Gonyeti), #MondayBlues is worried and concerned about how Lucky Aaroni who is the co-founder and leader of Bustop is running his business. He should correct his weakness to maintain the remaining duo.

Moreso, as the question arises that who will replace Prosper Ngomashi, he has to strategise for the recruitment of vibrant male(s) to gender balance the team. If he does not do that he risks pitting the brand he jealously rebranded into oblivion.

BuStop TV has been rocked with a leakage of talented actors where team players left the video skits production company after a conflict with the manager.

After a misunderstanding with Aaroni the duo of Bhutisi and Boss Kedha that returned the comic flavour on Zimbabwean videos, #MondayBlues gave an insightful and breaking news story that detailed the reason why the two actors left.

As a result of this split, there was a replica of the P.O Box with a suffix called P.O Box Reloaded and it was formed by Bhutisi and Boss Kedha. After the departure of the hilarious duo, the remnant of the P.O Box crew comprised of the two hilarious ladies, Sharon Chideu (Maggi), Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti) while roping in Prosper Ngomashi (The Comic Pastor) of the Shamhu fame.

Furthermore, the split created confusion among viewers who preferred the suffixed P.O Box instead of promoting Lucky’s P.O Box which greatly affected his viewership.

As Lucky’s product image was slowly fading into thin air, in April he rebranded the P.O Box company to BuStop which worked for a while. It was not until long

Straight from the horse’s mouth Ngomashi last week confirmed his departure stating that he was not returning to BuStop even though his fans wanted him back.

“We had a misunderstanding (and) that is why I left and the truth is I am not going back there. I felt I was not good enough for them, since their name is bigger than mine and they had a reputation to protect. So I decided to leave,” he was quoted saying.

On the other hand, the troubled Aaroni was firm in stating that despite the recall of Ngomashi from fans, circumstances did not warrant it.

“It’s normal when people want a certain character to come back. It happens when someone leaves. Everyone has their favourite, and for us, it (Ngomashi’s departure) was a setback, but so far, there are no arrangements for him to come back, “he said.


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