#MondayBlues: TelOne Allowed ZOL To Sell "Their" Fibre

We all probably witnessed the ZOl vs TelOne battles, which took thousands of dollars to the print and street banners all in the name fast speeds and basic facts on technology.

ZOL Zimbabwe poked TelOne with Adverts saying Are You Disgruntled with Slow Links, a move which subsequently TelOne responded with “More Zimbabweans Online Love TelOne, Thats why they won’t stop talking about us!“.


By Sting

Fibre is not a ZOL proprietary technology, it is just a standard industry technology which in fact is not only used by ZOL Zimbabwe, but by other players including Powertel, Telco, Utande, Africom and TelOne itself .

However ZOL Zimbabwe has been aggressive in marketing to a point that they created a perception that they own not just fibre, but the right to the technology itself and TelOne fell for it, as they desperately responded with ADSL justification.

I will not be kind to TelOne who not only allowed competition to say it louder, but created a perception that ZOL Zimbabwe is better, supreme, and way too faster than the TelOne, its fibre, its ADSL and probably its employees as well.

It is a fact that fibre is faster than ADSL, this is not a topic of comparison or argument and somewhere ZOL Zimbabwe team caught TelOne flatfooted on it and were all over town with the message.

I will not draw my self into the relevance and importance of ADSL as well in this article, which I have already done anyway but unfortunately, this is what TelOne did when ZOL was blowing the fibre trumpet.

Why the hell did they allow ZOL to sell fibre to Zimbabweans when infact they have it as well in their back yard, and were one of the first telecommunications company to actually connect to the undersea cables themselves.

Years ago in TelOne hogged headlines with their first Harare to Bulawayo fibre link, which subsequently sank in to Vic falls, a major milestone in Zimbabwe telecommunications, and still their marketing forgot to boast about this achievement.

It is with such great regret to note that TelOne has serious capacity to deliver fast Internet over their already laid infrastructure, but somehow, they are just not marketing their arsenal.

This is the same problem TelOne has and will always have to be too shy to sell their products and seldom blow the trumpet when its rather too late.

Remember when ADSL was launched, it was more than 20 years ,in the 90s,and Zimbabwe only got to know about it, after 2010, a major problem they have on unveiling and driving brand pride.

Today they are busy defending the old and yes relevant technology at a time they are actually supposed to be marketing their fibre which is already present in many other residential and commercial areas around Zimbabwe.

When TelOne rebranded, they had a series of fresh thinking and product packaging, but still failed to change their strategy on marketing their best products ion the best seasons so they remain supreme and relavant.

I think they simply need to do one stupid thing for their best, officially launch their fibre to the Home and business package to Zimbabwe like its new fresh and as a flagship brand to re affirm their market position.

Ooh by the way yours truly got heads up that they finally managed to get a marketing manager. She has a task, a big one, I will give her one more simple one, please change my perception towards your fibre and hopefully this will be converted to your bank balance.

TelOne has the largest already laid infrastructure from the traditional telecommunication system to connected homes and offices in Zimbabwe and has been allowing competetion to knock on their doors and wipe them away.

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