#MondayBlues: Telecel Whatsapp and Data Promos Expires, as Gvt Denies Extension

Telecel Zimbabwe has terminated the popular Whatsapp and Data bundles promotions which reach their end amid government directive not renew any running massive data promotion to align along its new structure.

All other promotions running across other networks are soon going to be terminated or reviewed downwards as Potraz insists  on its data usage review policy which has seen the sector become over regulated. 

Telecel, however is planning to resume the same promotions on lower tiers, offering lower data usage for the same bundles, as the Potraz directive indicated. 

The return of Telecel  bundles will see the same amounts of money offering similar bundles for Facebook,  what’sapp and data but lower data packs in the next few weeks.

The move is likely driven by government which hopes that  by charging more for less  data,  millions will easily top up again to catch up with daily  habits while government increases its revenues via taxis. 

ICT sector last year was the  major source which funded  the last election through Econet’s operational tax  and the same move maybe used  for this year’s election.

Another closer source however alleges that the government through Potraz is more worried about what people do and how they spend their time online with great concern that more minds are getting idle online with high unemployment rates propagating irresponsible content that is anti government.

“Remember I was appointed by a Zanupf government,  and it’s only sensible for me to protect the interest of the same party first,  before I protect the business interest” added the source.

Marvelous Chibagidhi

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