#MondayBlues: Reward Kangai Resurfaces At Mbuya Chitepo's Funeral, NetOne Saga Rages On

The forensic audit continues at NetOne, which definitely without doubt will decide Reward Kangai’s fate as he continue to serve his forced three months leave invoked by the NetOne board recently. The beleaguered NetOne CEO made his first public appearance at Mbuya Victoria Chitepo’s funeral in Mount Pleasant on Saturday where he was paying his condolences to the Chitepo family.

Reward Kangai

The suspended NetOne CEO, Reward Kangai passing his condolences to Dr Thokozile Chitepo, daughter of the late National Heroine Cde Victoria Chitepo in Mt Pleasant on Saturday.

By The Digital Ancestor

Also present at the funeral was the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde R.G Mugabe, Vice President Cde Emerson Munangagwa, Cde Sydney Sekeramayi the Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance Cde Patrick Chinamasa, Cde Oppah Muchinguri and other senior government officials. Mbuya Victoria Chitepo who was the wife of the late liberation war hero Herbert Chitepo, was announced dead on Friday after being discovered unconscious in the morning by her daughter.

Cde Mugabe

His Excellence, Cde R.G Mugabe consoling daughters of the late National Heroine, Mbuya Victoria Chitepo on Saturday.

Reward Kangai like the calm gentleman he is at all the times, appeared well composed and much focused on the funeral proceedings rather than appearing as a boot-licking figure who was there to find backing from the country’s most powerful leaders. Yes, the NetOne saga is far from over yet but Reward Kangai remains innocent until proven guilty.

An intense observation of the funeral proceedings showed a relaxed atmosphere from the under fire NetOne boss contrary to what many might have expected to see him hovering for attention around the top government ministers and the President.

Yes, it was a funeral of an unheralded heroine who passed away after doing duty to a country she loved so dearly but it is rare to see Chief Executive Officers from the private sector and parastatals making it a top priority to attend political funerals.

What boggles one’s mind is, let’s say Reward Kangai committed the deeds he is accused of at NetOne, why would he dare to attend such a funeral which he obviously knew his top bosses will be there?? Isn’t he ashamed? Was he looking for political backing to save his own tail as the NetOne saga reaches boiling point? The list of questions goes on and on but his fate lies in the recommendations to be made by the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services currently being led by Hon. Supa Mandiwanzira who recently confided with the TechnoMag team that his hands were clean in the plot to ouster Kangai.

What the nation should realize in Reward Kangai’s trying times is that he worked under a very clumsy and bureaucratic structure that would have made it difficult for anyone in his shoes to spare some time for mole hunting when it comes to controlling finances. Reward Kangai has previously been subordinating to one of the nation’s worst ICT Minister, Webster Shamhu who did nothing remarkable during his stint as the head of such a very critical ministry in driving economic growth.

Honourable Webster Shamu,Reward Kangai netone managing director

From left to right: Reward Kangai alongside former ICT Minister, Webster Shamhu during the official launch of the currently under-performing One Wallet.

NetOne and all other parastatal bodies such as TelOne are overseen their operations by the government through the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services which in-turn pegs the key performance indicators for these red taped organizations. The late and slow decision making even saw the responsible authorities biding their in appointing the Chief Operating Officer which later saw the position being handed to Brian Mutandiro after board reacted lackadaisically in making such an important appointment.

Not fighting in Reward Kangai’s corner but where was the Ministry in the past five years to realize that there was something shoddy happening at the nation’s government owned mobile network operator?? What was the State Procurement Board doing when NetOne was made a dumping site for obsolete equipment worth $200m bought from ZBC?? Also didn’t the government new that former NetOne directors owned Firstel?? The devil is at play here!!!!!!!

A lot of wrong decisions have been made by the government arms when it comes to making NetOne a Stategic Business Unit. We have witnessed the infant death of OneWallet before it even conquered the market due to poor strategic monetization of the mobile banking platform. Up to now, OneWallet remains the least used mobile money transfer platform in the country despite NetOne overtaking Telecel into second position behind Econet Wireless on subscriber rates. All these errors did not happen overnight so that the government can make an excuse for sleeping on duty but the question remains….what did they do about the shortcomings at NetOne whilst they were still hot??

The Reward Kangai saga has a lot of skeletons in the cabinet which even later saw the suspension of four of the operator’s six internally appoint directors. Did these suspended directors partnered Reward Kangai in the mismanagement of NetOne finances?? Only the forensic audit will set them free but until then, they are all innocent until proven guilty.

One thing you have to admire about Reward Kangai is his calmness when in battle. Since his suspension, we have never heard of him making noise to clear his name in the papers like renowned thieves such as Cuthbert Dube and Happison Muchechetere who wouldn’t miss a week without fighting for their names in public, but rather Kangai choses to stay indoors as he awaits his defining moment when the forensic audit concludes.

Stay tuned...#MondayBlues will be bringing you all the events as they happen in real time. Do not consume our opinions but rather read the facts and reach your own opinion.




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