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#MondayBlues: Former NetOne Board members Breath Fire, Threaten To Sue TechnoMag

netone board members Mr. James Prince Mutizwa (Board Chairman) Mrs. Susan Muchaneta Mutangadura (Vice Chairperson) Mr. Winston Makamure Mr. Mathias Rangarirai Mavhunga Mr. Paradzai Mutandwa Chakona

Ex Netone board members are breathing fire and threatened to sue TechnoMag over a story this publication ran last week.

Through our weekly #MondayBlues Column, TechnoMag cited incompetence as the main reason of the fall out and their forced resignation.

TechnoMag stated that, according to the assessment report done to the whole board, the resigned board members scored very low and failed to produce a turn around strategy to the minister which forced them to quit.

However, the board members expressed shock and dissapotnment over the manner this publication reported the issue.

The members threatened to sue TechnoMag if we do not pull down or retract the article.

The board members stated that our article was misrepresenting facts and deliberately misled the readers from the actual truth as we only reported from pages of the Proserve report.

The Audit Committee Chairperson Ms Sibonile Dhliwayo charged,

“There was not a single board member from NetOne who was ever independently assesed, the evaluation was done on the full board and only the chairman was independltely evaluated and this was done unproffessionally.”

“Even the evaluation report that was done on Chairman was not as damning as you reported, only those members who did not resign were scoring low against the chairman, everyone else scored him high but all you reported was biased against him.

The whole board scored fair and we identified some areas that had weaknesses, this was our first year as the board and we can only be fairly rated as we looked into weaknesses and areas of improvements for NetOne, these weaknesses are the only areas that you published in your reporting.” argued Ms Dhliwayo

Ms Sibonile Dhliwayo a chartered Accountant demanded that Proserve must provide and publish the report that evaluated them as incompetent claiming there was never such an exercise against any board member.

Another board member added voice to the same issue stating that if the board was incompetent how come it was not dissolved, this was a strategy to tarnish our names, and refuted such claims stating the chairman runs much more successful firms to be called incompetent.

“The chairman scored 3.5 which was above average, he is successfully running other firms, none of us was demanded to submit an independent turn around strategy but one as a board, except Chakona who defended the soccer project, what businesses are the other three members running, have you ever questioned as journalists how those remaining members are sustaining their welfare and if at all they have any successes they have scored outside NetOne ” charged the other member.

“We have never been individually assessed as board members, we noted the weakness of the whole board and if its true that the board deserved to be fired by identfying its weakness, then it also raises eye brows why the other board members not being fired ” added the member.

In a scathing attack the board members alleged that the remaining board members had conflict of intersts have ulterior motives and they are going to be taking action over their soiled names .

TechnoMag however maintains that we published information as we received and can not be sued or charged for reporting incomplete facts, against some of the members who refused the right to respond at the time of publishing.

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