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#MondayBlues: President’s Office Confirms Mamvura’s Appointment To NetOne

The Office Of the President and Cabinet has stated that Douglas Mamvura was duly and procedurally appointed to NetOne as a board member, TechnoMag can exclusively reveal.

There is been wide speculation and accusations that the past minister of ICT Postal and courier Services Hon Kazembe Kazembe unprocedurally appointed and smuggled Douglas Mamvura as a Netone board member hence he was blocked from the board.

Speaking to sources in the office of the president and cabinet, they showed us security vetting letters ( which we have) that cleared his appointment, and follow up letter by president Mnangagwa that authorized his appointment.

The first letter, was from the Office Of the President and cabinet which confirmed that vetting was done and cleared Mamvura for appointment as NetOne board member, while a follow up letter was signed by the president himself appointing him as board member.

These two important letters quash speculations and rumors that Mamvura was blocked from NetOne board meetings simply because he was not procedurally appointed .

The Office of the president stated that Mamvura passed all the due processes and procedures that any board member for a state owned entity must have gone through.

“A rigorous vetting process was done on Mamvura in August, the OPC under took the exercise, as standard for any other board member, and it was satisfied with him before he was cleared for presidential assent” said the source

In a new twist of events, sources close to the events alleged that the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of ICT Postal and Courier Services was the one who actually introduced Mamvura to the board and it boggles the mind why he would speak otherwise about his appointment.

“Kundishora had actually recommended that Mamvura must lead the Zarnet board as chairman, but later on it was agreed that Mamvura was even much more competent for a challenging task to join NetOne board” said sources close to the development.

This investigation by TechnoMag puts to rest any speculation on the unprocedural appointment of the board member who was appointed last to the board but never attended a single board meeting.

Mamvura was never invited to any NetOne board meeting although he officially received his letter of appointment on the 29th of October 2019.

He is reported to have been whisked away from the only board meeting he attended at the ministry’s office before he was told to wait while they clear some issues.

Reasons of blocking Mamvura from the NetOne board are still not cleaer, with permanent secretaery engineer Sam Kunshishora recently writing various stake holders and security arms, informing them them thart he takes responsibility for nogt announcing the appointment to the board.

The cpmpany secratary however is recorded to have already notified the other board members of the development, who are all now playing ignorant of such an appointment.

Two board members including Susan Mutangadura are being investigated for perjury, as they lied under oath that Mamvura was never a board member.

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