#MondayBlues: If Power Cuts Were Caused By Lack Of Rains, Which Rains Have Now Fallen??.

There is an idiot running the ministry of energy and he thinks everyone else is an idiot simply because he has believed his own  lies and  now wants every Zimbabwe to follow suit.

This is the same Idiot who tried to tell us that geysers should be banned and and also wanted to teach when to cook, eat or heat up simply because he is clinging to a job he knows not how to run and can not simply do the honourable thing to resign and allow someone better to try.

Incase you have forgotten my last insert about this same idiot, let me quote.

By Sting 

An idiot according to your Oxford dictionary is “a person of low intelligence”, I don’t like this one, maybe Merriam says it better, “a person affected with extreme mental retardation” that sounds close to home.

This is the same Idiot who told Zimbabwe that we do not have power supplies simply because Kariba had lower water levels and even after singficanntly low changes, we have heard stable supply  authorities, thanks to Powertel’ sPrepaid system, but still he is waiting for the  rain.

Of course we had given many solutions to try and solve our energy problem, besides waiting for the  rain and blaming sanctions, winter and anything else that we, we can as well look into some of lour recommended solutions in  case you missed Here Is The Solution For Zesa Problems.

What prompted me to hit on this one again is the resurgence of ZESA scandals and the government is taking the see no evil approach.

Zimbabwe is planning to construct three solar plants, each generating 100 megawatts. The initial cost, as of 2014, was US$183 million for each of the projects bringing the total cost to US$549 million. The solar tenders were won controversially by China Jiangxi Corporation, ZTE Corporation and Intratrek Ltd fronted by Chivayo.

Soon after winning the tenders, the companies demanded price escalations, resulting in the projects being inflated to US$240 million each, bringing the total cost to US$720 million

According to the Zimbabwean  independent, ENERGY Minister Samuel Undenge is lurching from one scandal to another — this time he neglected or ignored technical and expert advice that the US$194 million-a-year Dema Diesel Power Plant deal would leave Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC), already financially struggling, in deeper dire straits.

By comparison electricity generated at Kariba costs 4,11c/kWh, while that from Hwange Thermal Station costs 6,97c/kWh, making expansion projects far cheaper.

The Dema deal, documents say, will have serious cash-flow implications on ZPC, hence its recent application to increase the tariff by 49%. This means Zesa’s struggling customers, already battling with huge bills and poor service delivery, are now being asked to subsidise corruption.


Documents show ZPC will pay US$16,1 million in advance every month for the Dema project which could run for three years, further escalating the unaffordable cost.

Undenge last week confirmed Zesa subsidiary, Zimbabwe Power Company, erred in paying convicted fraudster Wicknell Chivayo US$5 million in the US$200 million Gwanda solar project without getting a bank guarantee, though he continued to support that the notion that there was not any possibility of prejudice.

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