#MondayBlues: “Popular” Zim Twitter Accounts Lose Lustre

When I Joined Twitter, late 2010, there were very few but powerful Zimbabweans who used to shape opinions and drive conversations around the society using the micro-blogging site. It is in this era when people literally followed powerhouses and you were either a follower or the one who is being followed.

Top of my head were people like @Rangamberi, @nqabamatshazi, @tarimaviyo , @Larrykwirirayi, @Tnyaruwanga, @maxsoutter  @zimleague,  @lsmKabweza, @munyachiura @sirnige/263chat and few on the cynical tip with @CynicHarare and @joeblackzw. Most were from the 2009-2012 era.

These are the “fathers” of early internet adoption, and I respect most of them. 

I personally followed most of them, but only a few of these guys are still as relevant or still command following and respect in their circles as they used to. Their timeline engagements now say it all. A majority are simply riding on the old names they once made while barely no one favorites, responds or let alone ReTweets their tweets which on most cases has become nothing much but noise on their time line.

Back in their days, a single tweet from some of them would trend for days, raise debates or even change your perception of life, but today you only wish to unfollow some of them and keep your time line clean and noise free.

Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Professor Jonathan Moyo may evade graft charges.

Some of them have lost what they stood for initially and barely drive sense while they try to do everything, which everyone is now doing. New, over night  sensations are  increasingly becoming more popular, interesting and engaging than some of these legends. The old horses have faded, lost their touch just like a candle in the wind.

Late comers Like professor Jonathan Moyo, Advocate Mahere, Pastor Evan amongst others, have became much trending and relevant while old accounts have metamorphosised into coccons of  cacophony bent on spewing vulger and misleading followers.

Of course pastor Evan is slowly losing the game as his list of followers is continuously falling. Pastor Evan should serve as an example to Twitter big names that people follow you on twitter as long as you are relevant and you deliver on what you promise. Pastor Evan’s woes began when he deserted the #ThisFlag movement last year at a time when people were beginning to see a liberator in him.

People follow you for what they anticipated you offer and they expect more insights and direction in the same field from you as an individual or company on twitter .

For whatever good or silly reason, keeping your crowd on twitter simply demands that you remain relevant to them as you had initially offered. Cynical accounts like @CynicHarare have managed to maintain their beat over years and to date still have healthy engagements because the followers are still getting the cynicism

Unfortunately for most twitter players, its now all about buying fake twitter followers and trolling on the timeline , pretending one has huge follower-ship, yet in real essence these are nothing more but spent forces living in the comfort of history .

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