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#MondayBlues: Only Political will, will save Muchenje!

Just before they stoned the harlot, Jesus drew in the sand that let he who without sin cast the first stone. He did not stop them from stoning but asked only for the perfect one to cast first.

If I was the judge, The same Sunday scripture may be used in favor of NetOne CEO Mr. Lazarus Muchenje as he is just about to get stoned.

This scripture is not being used to cover up the abuse of office nor is it used as a scapegoat to promote criminal activity, No! Yours truly is simply using it for purely different reasons.

When the good outweighs the bad, Caution must always be used!

I may not have managed to access full details on why NetOne CEO is currently under suspension neither do I have full details about his suspended Chief Finance Officer but so far the evidence that has been brought is not worth the stoning hence :
“Let he without sin cast the first stone”

Allegations we received so far stated that Muchenje bought lots of fuel at inflated prices than the market rate while at the same time his CFO purchased overused vehicles that had mileage, outside their acceptable limit.

We are still scratching very hard to get more details around their suspension but the information is not forthcoming.

We are also yet to hear about their hearing dates which are yet to be pronounced and full charge sheet, but the rumour mill has it that outside those charges nothing more incriminating has been unearthed besides concerted efforts to continuously dig around further.

I could be very cautious lest I now mean history is about to repeat self here as political will may now be needed to save the most performing CEO under the State-owned Enterprise in the ICT Ministry

The last time Lazarus Muchenje was suspended I definitely from the helm Of NetOne it took a whole minister and strong political will to sanitize the mobile network.
The then newly appointed minister Kazembe Kazembe took the bull by its horns by firing the whole board and appointed a one which we perceived to be more professional.

This is the same board that reinstated Lazarus Muchenje as the new CEO and exonerated him from any charges, but today again they are all up in arms against him instituting multiple audits and digging matters that as way back as 2015, before he even joined the organization.

The appointing officer here is the media and publicity-shy, Hon Jenfan Muswere.
He has been too quiet in the background, not obviously ignorant, but rather closely following the developments but from his position of appointing executive.
Maybe its time he speaks out and bring sanity to the sector once more again and allow the NetOne ship to stir back on course.

The bark stops with the minister and he has to bark sooner than later unless his silence is a bark as well.

There was now some positive energy and excitement at NetOne driving into profitable periods since Muchenje took over
From a perennial loss-making organization to a stable and fastest-growing mobile network in the country, NetOne was now looking at making dividends to its shareholders.
These positives must be considered over the negatives as we make lasting decisions over the MNO for posterity purposes.
NetOne needed the Muchenje re-energizing and it was working for employee morale and customer confidence,
With the mis positive trajectory, I question whether we must lose all this over mistakes or wrongs made.

If this must be so, then let he who without sin cast the first stone!

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