#MondayBlues: Obama Prepping Masiyiwa for Zim Presidency?

He has grown to become one of the world’s most popular and influential individual to hail from Africa, Zimbabwe to be more specific and the forefront of solving global problems and creating global entrepreneurs, with a Facebook following of 1, 655 925 fans, Zimbabwe’s last year election had less than 3, million voters.

#MondayBlues has never given you rumors or news just to excite your ears without taking due diligence to prove facts, behind the story and this has remained a cardinal guiding point to give the most accurate and candid news to all our readers.

However today’s piece is not only juicy, bet very sensitive and we will be very quick to say this article is purely based on opinion and analysis of latest developments, prompting us to look at the possibility after one two many coincidences.

On 20 July, The Econet founder Mr Strive Masiyiwa met President Obama at the White House Summit on Global Development, and Masiyiwa Introduced the President of the USA, who in turn spoke highly of him during an event which supposedly brought together “top global experts to talk about the progress that President Obama and his Administration have made possible in energy, food security, global health, good governance, development partnerships and youth initiatives around the world.”

Watch the video.

Of course this was not the first time these met, He once posted about his relationship with Obama, which started long back interestingly.

Of course locally I have voices that I respect and listen, and when I begin to add up matters, the coincidences become too good to simply ignore.

Few months back, there was a national political uproar when one renowned Prophet Makandiwa, gave word that the next leader (political or non political) would come from outside Zimbabwe, of course this stung many politicians, unfortunately the accuracy of his prophecies to date are indisputable.
“I am seeing a person coming from outside, who was running towards the people of Zimbabwe”.
“This person is running in the opposite direction to people, who are running towards him, I see a spider and this spider is following this person, who is the chosen one to lead the people,”


DR Masiyiwa with former president of Nigeria Obasanjo and President Kikwete

“Masiyiwa is a business mogul, whose vast empire stretches far and wide just like a spider’s web in Makandiwa’s prophecy, His contacts that includes locals in the diaspora such as Drs Nkosana Moyo and Mthuli Ncube, among others seems to stand him in good stead as far as the prophesy is concerned,” Said another online source.
While many may never had taken the word seriously, it is very interesting to note that back home Econet Wireless was very quick to change their logos from the “spider web”.

They never gave any meaningful justification as to why they were in a rush but for all we know the rebranding exercise did nothing much on the design but to remove the only secretive spider web used by Makandiwa.

Lest we loose focus, let’s talk about Strive Masiyiwa, here the business mogul who has impacted the world, lately he has been posting a series of articles on his Facebook page, driving entrepreneurs and fighting corruption head on as he seeks to drive sound business ethics to the next generation, while he did not mince his word on how he left the country of birth.


Strive Masiyiwa at the AGRF 2016

I have spent the greater part of my 54 years on this earth, living in the diaspora.
I left my homeland Zimbabwe, then the rebel colony Rhodesia, for the first time, when I was only seven years old. I did not return, home until I was 23 years old.
I left again 15 years ago.
This means I have lived in the so called “diaspora” for a total of 32 years of my life!
There are many reasons, why people go and live in the Diaspora:
Sometimes, it is political, as it was for me, when I was growing up. Sometimes it is economic; sometimes it is professional, because your job takes you there.
I know what it is to live in the Diaspora. Imagine, I once carried documents, which stated that I was a refugee, to avoid being arbitrarily deported!
It can be a fearful thing particularly if you are living on the economic margins. I’m not in that situation today, but I have an idea of it. And my heart and prayers are always with those who live in the diaspora, no matter whether they are Africans, or from other nations. Including those displaced by war, in places like Syria, the Sahel region, and the Horne of Africa.
I know many of them, are avid followers of this platform.
He has not only met Obama, but many world leaders around the globe and those in Africa as well and not to mention that he is close to Cyril Ramaphosa ( South African Vice President) who recently caught headlines with another word which completes an interesting triangle.

On 9 September he had another interesting post:

Yesterday was a very special day for smallholder farmers across Africa. We had a huge meeting in Nairobi to discuss how we can improve agriculture and increase food production across the continent. Every two years, the African Green Revolution Forum brings together government leaders (including presidents and ministers), agriculture policy experts, banks, donors, business leaders, farmers’ organizations, farmers, NGOs, and entrepreneurs. We also had former presidents such as HE Former President Obasanjo of Nigeria, and HE President Kikwete of Tanzania

A few days ago, I had the honor of speaking at the 2nd US-Africa Business Forum, a gathering of CEOs from Africa and the USA, African heads of state and government, and top American government officials, including President Obama.” This by any words is a global influential summit.
He also posted a very interesting outline on his brush with Charles Taylor, as he advocated for anti corruption activities.


One of Masiyiwa famous quotes on why Africa is still lagging behind in terms of development

It has however remained unclear, as Strive Masiyiwa has never publicly mentioned or declared any political interest, yet he remains resolute in his quest to see Africa develop to the next stage and encouraged Diasporas to work.
Is he going to surprise the Zimbabwean electorate and declare political interest or continue working towards the nation’s growth through entrepreneurship. This no one knows except probably himself.

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