#MondayBlues: NSSA To Wipe Away Top Telecel Executives.

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) is set to wipe away all top Telecel executives by the first quarter of the year, if it wins the complete power its tussling against with the Zarnet, under the ministry of ICT Postal and courier Services.

Sources close to the development have divulged that they are fighting for absolute control over the Telecel Zimbabwe asset and would want to detect how it will run, just to make it more profitable, few months after complete take over of the Vimplecom  60% stake 

NSSA’s top priority  for the  first quarter would be shacking up the management and giving new faces they can trust and control to take the company forward, as they want absolute responsibility.


NSSA is already rumored to be have identified some top executives to fill up posts and only waiting for the final formal procedures which it will unleash by the first quarter of the year.


However the move is likely to face fierce resistance as the government of Zimbabwe would rather have the comrades who fought all the way to stick around and be allowed to shape the future after a painstaking year.


Close sources to the matter however insists they will not be considering any of these options, but looking at an overhaul shake up and direct control and shift of policies to revamp the mobile network.


Both the government of Zimbabwe  under the ministry of ICT Postal and couriers services and the social security service agent are mulling a 100% take over of Telecel Zimbabwe, but it remains shrouded who really will wield power.


The thin line would be spelt on their private terms of negotiations, which currently seems to be ceding all  power to NSSA till and if  Zarnet pays back the loan, otherwise NSSA is assuming full ownership.


The same plans are said to have scuttled Brainwork’s attempts to buy stake into the minority shareholders, under empowerment Corporation, as government is already planning a complete take over.

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