#MondayBlues: It's Now or Never for NetOne

For the past few months, NetOne has has made so much noise and many headlines all for the wrong reasons at the same time their main competitor Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has been making headlines of product launches and partnerships.

NetOne recently responded to the parliamentary committee that their pricing was not competitive and have erred in their “ Kangai” strategy of building infrastructure while the business was not necessarily focusing on improving revenue generation.

By Sting

Zimbabweans will judge NetOne by its potential to come out of the mess, after so many errors and business mistakes, we need to start seeing new products and innovations and completely do away with the mudslinging and witch hunting.

While all due processes, invesigations  and procedures are necessary and inevitable, the new NetOne team will have to prove to Zimbabwe that they are capable of taking the second largest mobile network out of the mud and move on.
Zimbabweans are probably stick and tired now about NetOne negative headlines and now need to see the new energy at work. What solutions are in store, what new products are going to be availed and what becomes of the One Wallet.

Zimbabweans do have confidence in NetOne thats why its still the only fastest growing mobile Network in Zimbabwe. The burning question is whats next for the subscriber? Whats new for the patient and loyal subscriber? What about the budding young digitally literate generation and will they fit in their network as well?.

Speaking of the young and next generation, yours truly has been receiving rumors that NetOne is mulling a fresh new product specifically for them but details are still sketchy and yours truly will update you as soon as we have more 411.

In the mean time we clap hands for the new Dollar A Day strategy, thats what innovation is all about, improving revenue streams while extending more value to your subscribers so that we look out for more from your cooking pot.

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