#MondayBlues: Nkosinathi Moving Away From Econet, Again!

It looks like the Mobile Finance Expert is always on the go, and this time around he may not be settling in his original home, and we have report that he is on his way out from Econet Wireless. In the meantime, the destination is not yet known.

By Digital Rebel

MondayBlues received  #Intel  confirming  that the mobile money service guru will not be contracted on fixed terms, at least not for now and he may have found a new home as he exits the Econet Wirelesss family. Strangely up until now, his position is yet to be officially confirmed at Econet Wireless with rumors that he may never had a top post before leaving Telecel Zimbabwe. 


Sources alleged that Econet was more worried about moving him back into their circles rather than seeing him continuously popping up with their competitor.

However as things get murkier, we have learnt that he may not have liked the offer hence he Is packing up again but to where?.

Maybe NSSA has found him a place as well as they ready the launch of their new bank. This might be a move which suits both parties since he has been in banking for a long time. On common knowledge, NSSA must be glad to have such an experienced modern banking technocrat since mobile finance technology comes as a strong card for every bank nowadays.

Nicole Madziwa

#MondayBlues: Telecel, Econet Employees  Tipped for the New NSSA Bank

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