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#MondayBlues: NetOne Is Not Making The Right Noise On OneMoney.


NetOne has suddenly become an awakening giant, rising slowly from the mobile money slumber, the company has begun striking some right chords, but these chords have to be coordinated.

Zimbabweans are currently reeling from the Ecocash outage and great inconvenience of unsettled transactions where hundreds still have their money hanging in Unkown suspense accounts.

This is followed by days of downtime as Ecocash tried to upgrade their system. forcing them into loops of ups and downs.

This makes it very tricky for one to make an Ecocash transaction as they are no guaranteed settlements and worse with the pains of awaiting reversals.

Thus of course if the transaction has gone through at all in the first place.

This is the greatest opportunity for One Money, Their system has been functioning so fluid and well near to perfection with no breaks and guaranteed settlement every time.

What is more its all for free! At least till December.

However, we strongly feel that NetOne has moved the focus from the actual need of One Money to marketing its advantages over Ecocash.

Make no mistake, Ecocash is a giant !

In size and capacity, they have done a lot and that can not be overtaken by their current huge mistakes which are obviously loud and stinking, to say the least.

Nothing can take away their success, people will complain but still, they have this attachment to Ecocash simply because they have seen it work, and when it was working it was all systems go, working fluently well, and yes very expensive.

What people have lost with Ecocash is trust

This is where NetOne is making a huge mistake with One Money product!

They must not be selling how smooth their system is and just the cost effect, yes its a major advantage but that is striking the wrong chord!

OneMoney must be selling usability and functionality first, then of course on cheap rates.

Many people are yet to use One Money and see it work and this is the faith and foundational process that the One Money team must be working on.

You want me to put my money in One Money then what next?

If they can subconsciously answer this question then OneMoney is poised for real growth and serious market penetration.

They need to use the back to basic approach they used on their network. Does the NetOne network work to make phone calls, fast data, reliable connectivity, and good coverage?

The more people answered yes, the more the network grew, and is surely growing, but that can not be said for OneMoney as Ecocash took over the market.

One Money must simply sign up as many merchants or service providers as possible and tell the customers that since their one money is in OneMoney, you can offload it through payments with these merchants.

A huge, clearly inscribed sign at OK, TM Borne Marche, Spar , Service Stations, Schools, and ofcourse clubs and bars would tell the user subconsciously that if only I had OneMoney, I would have made an easier payment here.

The pains of still finding outlets that accept OneMoney are retrogressive on their mission and they must not oversell on its functionality before they sell the basic purpose to the user.

we need to see more outlets everywhere accepting OneMoney first before we start loading our money in the one wallet

These days there are not Cash-Out facilities to very few legit ones if you find the while many people are currently being charged a premium to withdraw their money as hard cash by most agents.

We cant expect a miracle from OneMoney to start offering cash to clients in this environment, but where its available, people must easily publicly know, but of course yes it won’t be sustainable to continuously avail cash in this environment.

Today many civil servants use NetOne lines but how many of these receive their salaries via the OneMoney Platform, is it easy to convince them that the OneMoney platform is in fact way better than your bank because of usability, flexibility, connectivity to all other banks on Zipit and of course lowest on transactional costs

These are top amongst the reasons why one must be using the One Money platform, but first things first, they must show us that One money works, just like any other mobile platform and they must show us where its working.

Ecocash Must Truly Regret the Technical Challenges.

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