#MondayBlues: NetOne Executive Fired For forgery!

While a lot is currently happening at NetOne, as the state owned operator forges ahead with a shake up which is now complete , yours truly may have missed an interesting development that happened amidst the suspension and hiring of new executive, there was actually some firing!

#MondayBlues, has been reliably informed that another NetOne executive got too excited and chewed more than he could stomach when he sought elevation from his recent appointment.

An Executive who had been appointed as the NetOne Data Services Executive, lost it buy allegedly forging a masters degree as he eyed the top Chief Operations Officer Post.


The executive got too ambitious and saw a new opportunity to strike the bull’s eye, but unfortunately the NetOne board was on guard to simply do due diligence which proved that his qualifications were dubious.

Unfortunately for him, he lost both the Executive Data Service post and the top eyed post, as NetOne immediately dismissed him from the much sought after, 12th floor!


Netone CEO Brian Mutandiro juliet ziswa and prosper Crew


He also missed the NetOne One Fusion Party! 

The same post was once held by Tawanda Mushawedu, who made a serious shake ups with innovative data services since he joined the parastatal before he resigned for other greener pastures

The Chief Operations Post is currently being held by the NetOne Acting CEO,Mr Brian Mutandiro, and this is strategically the most powerful office post at the state owned mobile network.

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