#MondayBlues: NetOne Chairman Marufu Forced Out ?

NetOne Chairman, Mr Alex Marufu who has made serious strides to shake up and drive the state owned telecoms company Netone did not just step down but was forced to do so , #MondayBlues has learnt.

Circumstamnces surrounding the matter have proved that the man who was at the helm for the past two and half years clashed with his superiors and had to call it quits as the only way foward. The superiors had specific ways they had prescribed him but he had his own ways which collided causing an irreconcilable situation which forced him to resign.

By Sting

With his resignation last week,Netone was so quick and swift to replace hm with Peter Chingoka in the same week, a move which many had questioned how it easily transpired.

Marufu however when contacted mantained that he left amicably to pursue other business interests.

NetOne Acting Board Chair Peter Chingoka

“I am grateful for the opportunity that i got to serve NetOne and the government of Zimbabwe and I thoroughly enjoyed it all, the stress is all part of the thrill. I learnt a lot, made many friends, New contracts and all a worthwhile experience,” he said.

However sources allege that his superiors were not happy with more shakeups he had hinted and rather instead to stop which frustrated him leading to the resignation.

“It seems the top hierachy at NetOne were concerned with the massive shakeups which pressured him to resign,” said the source who requested anonymity.



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