#MondayBlues: NetOne Board Lifted Suspension, Dropped Criminal Charges Against Kangai.

Shocking revelations have shown that the NetOne board had withdrawn all criminal charges they had leveled against Reward Kangai and also had lifted the suspension, though they continued to fire him.

In a twist of events, #MondayBlues can exclusively confirm that Reward Kangai, former NetOne boss was not fired by NetOne on any corruption charges, but was in fact forced to resign on the basis of the infamous three months labor law.

Reward Kangai, was reinstated as NetOne CEO for less than two weeks and absolved of all criminal charges, as at 12 October 2016, the NetOne board formally dropped the charges and suspension against him.

However, the NetOne board continued to have Kangai on forced leave till the 31st of October 2016, meaning technically Kangai was back at work on the 1st day of November 2016.

The same letter stated that the withdrawal of charges does not however, imply and must not mean innocence on your part and the employers rights remain fully reserved, in terms of labor, civil and or criminal as may be appropriate.

Kangai served as the CEO from the 1st till the 12th of October 2016, before the NetOne board sent him another letter of suspension, but this time completely based on the section 12,of the labour act.

In a new suspension letter, the NetOne board stated that ,

“This letter serves to inform you that the employer hereby terminates your contract of employment by notice in terms of its common law right and prerogative codified by section 12(4) (a) and 12(4a) (c) of the labor act (chapter 28:01 ) as amended by the labor amendment act no. 5 /2015,”

The then chairman, Mr Alex Marufu, signed the last letter to Kangai from board.


While most media houses, us included, ran with a story that Kangai was fired on allegations of corruption and funds mismanagement, it turned out that this was not accurate, but was rather a general assumption.

Reward Kangai maintained that the Herald was at the forefront of spreading the malicious allegations and tarnishing his image, hence he is suing the media house for a whopping $1 million.

After serving as the founding NetOne CEO for the past 20 years, Kangai is a bitter man that he was finally resigned under a labour technicality, and greatly feels unappreciated for the work he has done for the state owned mobile network.

We could not independently confirm if the other NetOne executives were also resigned on the same conditions Kangai, by time of publishing.

TechnoMag would like to unreservedly apologise, for the same errors it erroneously made when it published the story that Reward Kangai was fired on the same corruption allegation .

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