#MondayBlues: Of Mnangagwa's Fake Twitter Accounts

Zimbabwe’s new president, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has suddenly become a global celebrity and many now want to associate themselves with him through various platforms.

Just like America’s President Donald Trump, Zimbabwe’s President is also on the micro-blogging site, Twitter. However, the question which lingers in most people’s minds is who is behind the numerous Emmerson Mnangwagwa Twitter Accounts.

At the moment, there are over five Twitter accounts claiming to be that of President Emmerson Mnangagwa but, @HonMnangagwa and @edmnangagwa are the most prominent accounts commanding over 9,000 and 13,000 followers respectively.

The political situation in Zimbabwe saw the growth of social media engagement with regards to political content.

During the Robert Mugabe era, political content on social media could get one into trouble, but regardless of it all, we even implored the former president to join Twitter and engage with the masses but our calls fell on deaf ears.

The importance of a Twitter account being assumed by the highest office in Zimbabwe comes as a welcome development to open conversation with masses who barely have an opportunity to speak to the presidium of better off policy makers.

However, with no blue ticked account, it is hard to believe which of the many Twitter accounts is the legitimate one, if any. But at the moment, Twitter has suspended its blue tick verification process meaning that we will be stuck with not knowing if there is a real ED twitter account out there or if all are just fake accounts.

The @HonMnangagwa account actually claims to be the official account of the President, but on one occasion, it even copied a Tweet from @edmnangagwa, word for word, casting doubts if it really is the official account.

Zimbabwe has a massive fake news problem that even saw many people lining up at Delta Bulawayo offices in search of work after a fake recruitment message circulated on social media.

Other organisations like ZIMRA and Zisco Steel were forced to publish memos informing the public of hoax messages being circulated informing people they were hiring when in fact, they weren’t.

Given our economic hardships and the need for change, many Zimbabweans are desperate that they will believe anyone claiming to be speaking as or on behalf of the president, and that can be dangerous should that person be reckless in how he or she posts in ED’s persona.

The confirmation of one of the accounts by Twitter will shed more light, or the president himself can announce of his official Twitter page while still awaiting verification from Twitter.

We want to constantly hear from the new president, and we implore him to make official his Twitter account if any already exist or to join the micro-blogging site and engage with the people who are eager to hear from him.

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