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#MondayBlues May Day As NetOne Billing System Faces Crippling Challenges

netone base station 2

Mobile service provider Netone has been facing Billing and signalling system challenges for quite some time now forcing clients off the grid , as they struggle to access basic services

NetOne prepaid customers last week endured downtime due to signalling issues since the system had completely locked them out with the whole SMS services not running in Toto.

The system currently can not Link or delink debit cards meaning anyone who has a NetOne number can not link their One Money debit card, for any new subscriber.

It can not also register new customers a procedure that is a requirement for network access in their home local register.

Netone customers who contacted TechnoMag from last week were not amused by the poor service delivery by the mobile network.

The mobile service provider has grown to become Zimbabwe’s second biggest mobile network, and being the only network gaining more subscribers is a move which must force the operator to be always on point in service delivery.

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