#MondayBlues: Masiyiwa, Makandiwa Speaking on Zim Presidency?

Millions this week are going to be glued to the official facebook page of Strive masiyiwa as he has hinted that he will make a surprise announcement that will blow the readers away, While UFIC Founder, renowned Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has insisted that the leader will come from abroad and God will not give him rest till takes the calling  

In his periodic Facebook posts, Strive Masiyiwa has hinted that he has deliberately delayed announcing what he should have done a long time back amid massive speculation that he could announce his political interest, as a Presidential candidate. 


Meanwhile, I’ve delayed my special announcement until January. This one will blow you away… Don’t try and speculate on what it might be; you’ll just end up feeding the fake news hucksters. Just wait for it, and be prepared.

Merry CHRISTmas.

Close sources to the developments hint that Strive has been resisting the call for him to get into active politics since he left Zimbabwe for South Africa  on self exile, as he continuously clashed with the Zimbabwean government while he was building his Econet empire.

Prophet E Makandiwa

Last month, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa came  back to the pulpit and announced that while the candidate is resisting the call, God will not give him rest till he takes the offer, because it is God’s intention that he takes charge of the national affairs.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa usually  makes huge prophecies during crossover nights to the new year, and speculations are rife that he may state the name of the candidate on the same night or at least shade more details into the development.

Early this year he announced,

“I am seeing a person coming from outside, who was running towards the people of Zimbabwe”.
“This person is running in the opposite direction to people, who are running towards him, I see a spider and this spider is following this person, who is the chosen one to lead the people, ” he said. 

Prophet Makandiwa has not directly said who this leader from abroad is,  and at which period is he going to take over the reigns. Some have even said the word leader is not only meant for the politicians.

It is however not clear whether Strive is responding to the same call, or its a call meant for some one else different and he is only going to be making another different announcement all together.

Masiyiwa has been rubbing shoulders with Top presidents and his last show with Obama created a lot of anxiety as many speculated that Obama was prepping him for office.

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