#MondayBlues Mangudya Must Resign Now

If Zimbabwe is to acquire true economic independence then heads must roll from the top, but if Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr John Mangundya is as reasonable and level-headed as he wants us to think, he should simply do the honorable thing and resign.

This is a way better option for him than to be asked by the people or the President to quit since he obviously has already failed to deliver on his mandate.

Needless to remind him, he personally said if he fails as the new governor he will resign.

Top Amongst the issues the new government should address is the issue of funding the Nostro account and deactivation of the fake electronic local RTGS system, which has created virtual money for both banks and bankers.

While at inception, the larger populace discouraged the Governor against making a move towards the surrogate currency,he remained adamant towards the move and went ahead aginst the voice of the People.

He also made a promise that the Reserve bank will not be printing any more currency due to its negative impact to the fiscuss , alas he went ahead and announced an addional $300 million of the same currency.

While social media rumours already doing rounds with news that he authroised $10 million hard cash in foreign currency towards Chombo if at all these allegations  are true it leaves a lot to be desired.

People running public offices should be accountable and always honest with the masses as far as their policies are concerned, especially when the effects of their policies are directly affecting the already suffering masses.

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