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#MondayBlues Liquid Telecom CEO Says Zimbabwe Not prioritizing Internet.


Liquid Telecom CEO Mr Wellington Makamure has said that Zimbabwe has a disconnected tariff system that is affecting the sector, and the government is not prioritizing data and connectivity as a critical component of the ecosystem

Addressing journalists this morning during a question and answer session the regional head said that the telecommunication business has not found it easy in Zimbabwe, yet they are doing their level best to maintain the Level Services Agreement LSA of 99% plus uptime.

We have put in strong infrastructure as investment, we must be paying for the internet that we import and also the licence obligation but the environment has been challenging due to lack of foreign currency and disconnected tariff system.

“I have seen lots of fuel queues around town, but people can do this for days and survive, the same can not be said for the internet, where we cant go down for 5 hours and it remains business as usual.

Makamure said that should there be a down time or disconnection, Banks will stop functioning, the Zimra will not be able to collect revenue,business wont be able to communicate and the impact will be greatly felt nationwide, but this same sector is not receiving any foreign currency support. “

In his response to questions over priority list , Mr Makamure said that government has been prioritising other sectors like energy and availing foreign currency for them , but the same has not been happening to the telecommunication sector, which is needed every day minute.

Telecommunications operators have not found it easy to operate in Zimbabwe with huge import bills and international obligations.

TelOne last year was facing disconnection threats from international suppliers as they struggled to settle dues in foreign currency.

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