#MondayBlues: Kangai Needs Basic Twitter Lessons As He Takes On Supa

Axed NetOne CEO Reward Kangai, opened a new Twitter account, and the first word was not hello world! No he posted his bitterness against how unfair the world has become to him while he quoted Ayn Rand’s post on corruption, Alas, he really needs to read the 101 of Twitter.

The first rule of Twitter is, do not tweet in the dark, unless of-course you are a celebrity! He is venting his anger to some paltry 37 followers, and none has bothered to like,ReTweet or if at all seen the message, all because winking in the dark does not work. 

His profile status  and message  could be honestly mistaken for a technology blog, I do not know  if he at all gave it some minutes of thought, or it was, register now shoot and tweet out before its dark!  He is simply  identified as  “Tech News Technology & Science Science” really!

At least he hatched out of the egg, Instead of putting his own profile picture, he chose a cool view of a rural base station.

While he may have joined twitter in May 2016, He is still firing blanks and failing to get engagements, or responses from his tweets,  exactly a year after the NetOne drama which then led to his expulsion, and for some reason, he has now taken his soul to twitter to tweet out!

Some few tagging, mentions and even following global hashtags may have earned him a little more attention.

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