#MondayBlues: Its Game Over For Kangai, Unless the President Intervenes



Its exactly one year since the shake up and tussling  over NetOne commenced, which ultimately all seem to have officially ended last week, at least as it looks for now.

If you ask #MondayBlues, all this noise and nonsense would have been avoided if two people at the top completely lost their pride, sat down and discuss their issues outside the media, alas their only way washing their dirty linen for all to see.

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Just to refresh you, The NetOne board was not happy with the performance of the mobile network, they wanted it to be more profitable and give them value as the stakeholder, the remains were pathetic and the ICT minister Hon Supa Mandiwanzira questioned how two mobile network working in equally the same environment had two huge balance sheets going opposite directions.

The minister said that Econet was making profits with the same number of subscribers years ago and Netone is still on a loss with equally the same subscribers. He also said something was really wrong and he needed to fix it.

The then NetOne managing director, Mr Reward Kangai  had a plethora of explanations why things were not moving. Amongst the issues, was  the fact that NetOne was never funded which left the company to sink or swim citing that they should not expect the same profits margins.

Supa mandiwanzira in byo presser

ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira warns Kangai will be arrested if found guilty

In fact in one of the interviews we had with him, Kangai strongly felt he was the uncelebrated  hero at NetOne who rescued the company which was on the brink of collapse after securing a $200 million loan from from a chinese deal which Huawei won.

However the Minister of ICT late last year received indicators from his board which entailed there was corruption, malpractices, impending losses and poor business practices. The Minister okayed a forensic audit to get down to the bottom of everything and warned Kangai would be arrested if found guilty 

This saw top NetOne executives being suspended  as there were issues revealed which were trigger points like the Firsttel deal which Kangai himself was a signatory. This deal cost NetOne $11 million and in the audit, the auditors revealed that  a private company Bopela was unprocedurally given base station tenders.

Long story short, everything changed with the wrangle opined as a Kangai Vs Supa battle. Kangai went for a parliamentary portfolio review where he allegedly said he was being persecuted for having personal differences with the minister. He also said he had refused to sign off some of the deals the minister had requested.

The minister rubbished the allegations pointing out that  Kangai should be audited to investigate the rot . PWC was hired to investigate and on their initial report they did not bring any substantive evidence before the government demanded answers to some highlighted anomalies .

Kangai was reported to be courting the help of top government including the President of Zimbabwe Cde Robert Mugabe to intervene in the matter.

Now that he is fired this is a catch 22 for him as he still going to appeal against the same minister to consider him, or he will start fighting since he now really has nothing to lose.

The President  is already seized with many issues, and technically, Kangai was fired by a seating board with technical reasons. His comeback will be very much difficult unless only if its a direct  political intervention.

Minister Supa Mandiwanzira is the top last man who superintends the  ministry and anyone else with more power has to be someone above the minister who on overseeing policy or the head of state himself.  Since Kangai was fired on technical grounds, maybe the courts may hear his story but so long as there is evidence against him, the courts may be last place to seek reprieve.

In the meantime the soft spoken Netone fired executive is keeping his cards to close to his chest and no one really knows how he is going to respond if at all there is a response from.

Yours truly will keep you updated with any latest information.


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