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#MondayBlues: Is Telecel Also Lying About Their Growth?

The  big  question however still remains, if Telecel Zimbabwe  recorded  active  mobile subscribers,  what were  these subscribers  really actively  doing because  there is not any recorded  growth  anywhere  else except on subscribers.

Telecel Zimbabwe reportedly increased  their  active mobile subscribers!

Really! Is this  true that  we have  1 670 new  subscribers  that  have  joined  Telecel  Zimbabwe, making  it 727,094 active  subscribers. What  has  motivated  these   few  subscribers  to activate and  use to  record  (even very insignificant)  such a  growth.

By Toneo

Fro the  Potraz  report, the only positive pointer registered about Telecel Zimbabwe  is them increasing with a 0,2% growth in active mobile telephone subscriptions in the quarter under review, reaching 727 094  from  725 42 recorded in the 3rd quarter  of 2020.

The information needs to be verified that all the mobile operators recorded an increase in active subscriptions.

Last  week, yours truly was not amused by information presented by mobile network operator Netone to Potraz. This report must  be fool proof and fact  checked as it gives  the  sector  its  direction and  trajectory.

TechnoMag has a mandate to make sure that the  information consumers are fed with is accurate, consistent  and verifiable,  which operators can not simply  fool the  reader.

We are yet to receive  a response from NetOne after we pointed out serious variations in their submissions to the Potraz,  yes we called  it a lie because  it simply  did  not add  up, but  if  we are found to be wrong,  we will retract and update   more accurately.

Now it seems another state controlled enterprise Telecel is  not so clear with their details too.

There is not much going on at Telecel Zimbabwe,  except that they are  still keeping  their prices fairly competitive  and products  a bit  creative,  however service  delivery  is still poor due  to incapacitation,  lack  of funding and poor  infrastructure to  introduce  anything that  can really stimulate ACTIVE growth.

Telecel Zimbabwe has  only  2446 base stations in Zimbabwe,  of these  they have  not  installed  any  new  LTE base  stations in the last 6 months and are  only  operating  with 17 LTE base stations available  in  few  towns and  cities.

The  question  is what  then may have  triggered the  increase  and how did this ACTIVE  Subscriber  base affect  their revenue  and traffic, if at  all it happened.

According to the  Potraz report, Econet and Netone  have  726 and 343 base stations respectively.Meanwhile Telecel has the lowest number of base stations 17 compared even to the second lowest netone which has 3443 which dwarfs everything Telecel is said to have attained.

The  biggest  problem here  is on the  recording  of active  mobile subscribers while these  are  not tallying with any corresponding  growth.The truth is our dear former telecomms giant Telecel you dropped your voice traffic market share from 2,3% to 2,1% and how can this be recorded against an increase of active voice subscribers in the same period.

If Telecel  Zimbabwe  gained  0.2% in active  voice  subscribers,  how come they are losing 0.2 in  market  share?

Well  some  may  argue  that Telecel has  the  best  priced  data  products  hence  they are  driving revenue  and growth from  data  based products, well this  does not support  active mobile  subscribers, but should it  affect, they  have  recorded  a  major  deep as well.

Telecel recorded a major  decrease in  internet and  data traffic.It is blatant lies from telecel when reports on the ground say in the 3rd quarter of 2020 the dipped from 1.2% to 0,6% in the 4th quarter of 2020.So what Telecel should be telling us is that they lost market share of 0,6 % hence declined in consumption no gain whatsover.

On  mobile  Money Telecash  lost  72% of their  subscribers, the  figures  are  just  so bad to try and  pick up any  growth  from  mobile money  players.

Considering telecash actually took a nosedive from active mobile money subscriptions of 19 198 in the 3rd quarter of 2020 on a downward spirasl of 5222 in the 4th quarter of 2020 a variance of minus 72,8% is clear testimony telecel are not telling us the truth.

The  big  question however still remains, if Telecel Zimbabwe  recorded  active  mobile subscribers,  what were  these subscribers  really actively  doing because  there is not any recorded  growth  anywhere  else except on subscribers.

Next  week we will do  an in-depth  into Econet Wireless submissions  as  well, should we  flag  anything  , definitely you  must  look out to an interestingly analysis, otherwise for this one , it raises  more questions than answers.

Hopefully we  will get the answers!




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