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#MondayBlues: Information Ministry Twitter Account Banned and Deleted


The Ministry of information, publicity and broadcasting Twitter account @InfoMinZw has been effectively banned and deleted by Twitter for possible violation of Twitter rules.

This is not the first time the account has been under fire, but the last time it was only suspended, however, it seems now the account is completely deleted and it’s no longer redirecting to the username.

Twitter has effectively suspended and deleted the handle @InfoMinZw which is now unavailable.

When we reached out to the permanent secretary of the ministry, Nick Mangwana, he said that Twitter had not given any actual reasons for suspension or violations, but there were trying their best to get the account recovered.

It, however, seems to be all but a lost battle as twitter seems to now have deleted the account altogether, after more than 2 weeks of suspension.

However, the investigation is pointing that the account had many people complaining to Twitter against it, blaming it for spreading propaganda and defending some government policies that were not so popular with the followers.

The account had 94.800 followers at the time of closure

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