#MondayBlues: ICT Minister Distances Self From “Nephew” On Covidgate

ICT Postal and courier services minister Hon Jenfan Muswere has vehemently denied allegations doing rounds on some websites that he assigned his nephew to collect overpriced covid19 package from China, in what has been known as #Covidgate.

Speaking to TechnoMag this morning, the minister said that he has never dealt with the individual Qubekani Muswere, neither is he aware of the individual stating that the allegations are mischievous and frivolous.

The minister said that the case could be that of identical surnames and it would be grossly unfair to link him to the person.

“I am not aware of any Qubekani, they are many Muswere’s out there, if at all he exists, he is a man who has his own interests and has a right to his own personal businesss intersts, which does not need my approval or disapproval” said the minister .

Original Sources of the story stated that the Qubekani Muswere was assigned by President Mnangagwa’s top body guard, Valdano Brown, to pick up the over priced package from DHL.

More details coming…..

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