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#MondayBlues: How Exactly The NetOne Board Members “Got Fired”.

netone board members Mr. James Prince Mutizwa (Board Chairman) Mrs. Susan Muchaneta Mutangadura (Vice Chairperson) Mr. Winston Makamure Mr. Mathias Rangarirai Mavhunga Mr. Paradzai Mutandwa Chakona

Since #Mondayblues broke the first-ever story, pronouncing the resignation of NetOne Board Chairman Mr james Mutizwa and his two other members with the Audit Committee Chairperson  Ms Sibonile Dhliwayo citing professionalism and the human resources committee chair, Keumetsi Mpandawana

There has been a lot of conspiracy theories, myths, half baked truths and facts that yours truly has been digging around, and as always, we must stand by the facts and truth around any news developments.

Conspiracy 1

Following up on the matter to date, this means NetOne now only has 5 members left on the board with strong rumors suggesting that the other 2 members Chakona and Mamvura who are perceived to be sympathetic to Muchenje are also on their way out.

Conspiracy 2.

Many questions have been thrown on how the top three NetOne board members resigned, and why why we have never heard aboout the fourth member Mr Douglas Mamvura who never has sat a single board meeting, and yes he is probably on his way out as well.

Conspirators have that this guy was never accepted as a board member, all he has ,was a letter confirming his appointment by ex minister Kazembe Kazembe but somehow, he was denied entry neither was he ever invited to any board meeting.

In an interview with the Herald Dr Mamvura said: “it is a mystery” that he was being denied to attend the board meetings since his appointment.

“I was properly appointed but I was never advised of any meetings,” said Dr Mamvura in an interview.

“I don’t know why I am being blocked and only those guys can tell you why. I am now being cited in court papers. . . to respond to the decisions made by the board when I was never part of it. It is unfair.

“There are some corporate governance deficiencies.”

For what reason?

Conspiracy 3.

Another conspiracy version has it that the first three board members who resigned did so only after being told by the minister that they must resign or face an embarrassing expulsion, which they agreed to do the honourable thing.

Conspiracy 4

The allegations go as far and wild that the whole board was told to resign en masse except some favoured three members who were privately told to ignore the message.

Yours truly went to dig deeper for the truths and facts around the issue and has found a totally different narrative on the matter.

According to formal records on the resignation of the NetOne board, the board did so purely on professional terms after they have failed to perform their duties and negated their responsibilities.

We fund these on paper to then make it :

Fact 1

There was an independent internal appraisal by Proserve private consultancy, this company is alleged to have been brought in by the board itself, for purposes of internal valuations against all the NetOne One board members where the outcome pointed out that the resigned board members were not competent and were negating their duties.

A scoring exercise done pointed out that the board members had weaker points against expectations and were failing to take charge of their responsibilities.

Part of the report had no kind words for the NetOne board chairman and reads

Mr, Mutizwa is a good leader but sometimes he is slow on making decisions
especially pertaining to statutory obligations. Apparently, the issue of new performance contracts for Directors is still hanging, the CEO has not been appraised since we were appointed, the Board has not seen any staff (senior managers’)

appraisals by the CEO for 2019, etc. most if not all Chiefs are
acting since the beginning of 2019 and there is no effective plan to appoint or recruit permanent Chiefs.
The Kangai issue is still outstanding since 2016 and there is noone who wants to make a decision to conclude the matter. I would naturally expect the Chairman to lead the way especially as a Lawyer, he should give sound
advice on the conclusion of the matter.

Chairman needs to be More firm in ensuring that Directors stick to their
mandates at committee level,

‘Fellow Directors need to be cognizant of the need to appraise the Board on –

any personal conduct that may have an Impact on Corporate governance ‘


The report went on to state that the chairman seems not so sure on his role or responsibility to turn around NetOne

The Chairperson is fair in his leadership role and execution of duties.
He is accountable, involving, engaging and firm as and when…

With all due respect, the Chairman does not seem to be clear on the
role of the modern-day Board and governance principles that guide the
Board in its activities.
« He appears to still have the view of the ceremonial Board that does not
do much beyond “meeting” and having conversations with the
shareholder. The role of the Board in guiding strategy appears to be
totally lost to him. “

this internal evaluation which was done against the board members is said to be one of the major reason that saw the board resign as there were failing to score above the expectation of their fellow colleagues and standard practice.

The board members were also given specific tasks by the shareholder to report on their turn around strategy and deployment to make sure Netone is profitable but reported to have all failed to give clear direction on how NetOne will gain a huge market share and become more profitable.

Fact 2

Upon being presented with this report the other three board members allegedly felt that there were not competent , they are alleged to have failed to also respond and justify their point of view against the score card , while also failing to file in their turn around strategy as committee chairs was the last stroke that broke the camel’s back.

While they are also issues of quorum on certain decisions made by the board, yours truly is still trying to understand why Mr Mamvura was also never allowed a seat in the palace as the board member and if at all his vte mattered on the issues.

The conspiracy vs truth bandwagon continues, as we continue to seek new truths, while in the meantime, no firm decision is going to be made against Lazarus Muchenje till we come out of the 21 days of national Lock down which officially began today.

Yours truly will certainly be back with any new truth, as the story unfolds.

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