#MondayBlues: High Court Blocks Kangai’s Appeal

The high court has thrown away Kangai’s bid, with costs,  to block NetOne from getting new CEO,  a few hours ago, TechnoMag has learnt.

His urgent application through his lawyer Tendai Biti, which he had filled to be  heard by Justice Priscilla Chigumba some two months ago, was dropped today with costs. In his response, he judge mentioned that 

Mr Kangai could not have had a legitimate expectation of contract renewal since NetOne had not advised of such an intention 6 months before contract expiry as provided for in his employment contract, while the employer -employee relationship had badly broken down.

The judge explained that since Kangai is no longer a NetOne employee, he could not appeal and apply as a legitimate employee because his contract was terminated and hence he had no locus standi

In his 13 page submission, Reward Kangai  had argued.”

I aver that I am still the respondent’s (NetOne Cellular Pvt Ltd) incumbent chief executive officer as respondent’s purported termination of my contract of employment is unlawful and a nullity. Moreover, the legality of the respondent’s actions is still to be determined by a court of competent jurisdictions under the applications aforementioned,” argued Kangai through his lawyers Tendai Biti.

“I have a reasonable fear and well-grounded apprehension of injury that the respondent will fill up my position before the court reaches a decision in the applications aforementioned.” Continued his submission.

Kangai challenged  the advertising of his post stating that it will deprive him since the court challenge against termination of contract  he made is still to be heard, hence the nullity of termination of his contract.The ruling may have cleared way for

The ruling may have cleared way for NetOne to announce the New CEO, whom sources tipped to have already been found, only awaiting  offical announcement

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