#MondayBlues: Heads To Roll at Zimpapers, As Management Shakeups.

Zimbabwe newspapers(Zimpapers), the nation’s biggest media house is mulling another management shakeup across all its publication. The move has sent shivers down the spine, few weeks after the silent exit of the general manager, #MondayBlues has learnt.

The major move in the pipeline is to re-align the state controlled media house as a diverse entity as they introduce a new system cognizant of the highly digital environment to improve their operational strategy.

Sources close to the developments confirmed that Zimpapers is set to change its business direction and will be announcing new structural heads as they introduce three separate  business units which are printing, broadcast and digital services.

The print will focus on the traditional newspapers business, while broadcast will look into StarFm,The Mutare based diamond FM and the newly launched Capitalk and digital services will primarily look into integrating the high technology  across the group.

A senior manager who headed digital affairs, Delta Ndou  left Zimpapers for a new job offer at ZOL Zimbabwe an Internet Service Provider (ISP)  where she is reported tobe in the company’s top echelons leading the digital services department. She  is tasked with reviving and maintaining the ZOL Zimbabwe  digital brand, which saw most team members recently leave the department.

StarFm broadcaster Chief Koti is set to take over the digital arm after the group successful relaunch of most of its digital products. For a long time now he has be focused on building  and commercialisation of all Zimpapers social media services.

Another senior  management staff, Matewo Kavayi, the Zimpapers Financial manager also left the company earlier as reports stated that he was now pursuing other personal business.

Zimpapers is no stranger to top-down management shake ups, and another is reportedly imminent. The last  major shake up saw the long serving CEO Justin Mtasa leaving the group with other senior executives few months after firing  Admire Taderera as StarFm general manager.




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