#MondayBlues: Harare City Council Payroll Exposes Bigwigs.

In our quest for no-holds barred talk to drive Zimbabwe forward, against corruption, poor management and the exposition of the hidden seals behind Zimbabwe’s business fraternity., #MondayBlues has stumbled upon  a payroll copy that exposes the Harare City Council.

During a chase on facts concerning the current mysterious suspensions which have been sanctioned on Harare Mayor,Bernard Manyenyeni, #MondayBlues intercepted very disturbing payroll data allegedly revealing how the big wigs at the council have been abusing rate payers’ funds.

The piece of payroll data shockingly alleges  that the council’s directors during Tendai Mahachi’s reign used to earn a collective salary of $448 840.00 on a monthly basis.

The atrocious management style at the Harare City council saw the wage bill sky rocketing to $8million per month against a revenue base of $11million. At the same time, Tendai Mahachi who ran the clerk’s office was earning around $500 000.00 inclusive of other uncountable benefits thereby taking the directorate’s wage bill into millions of dollars per month after everyone has claimed his/her allowances.

Shocking at the same time, the city council was going for months without paying their last grade workforce of around 9000 employees who earned average salaries of $350 to $400.

Harare City

According to the above scanned piece from the HR data base, Chibanda Dombo, Director of Waste Management at that time was earning $34 299 when the city council had been going for months without collecting refuse in residential areas.

Chingombe Cainos, the Director of Human Capital was earning $36 999 at a time when the City Council was going for seven month without paying the low grade work force of cleaners and plumbers.

Chonzi Prosper, Director of Health was earning $33 410 at a time when the City Council failed even to curb cholera outbreaks and many other poor environmental health issues.

Leslie Gwindi, the Manager of Public Relations earned $15 204 at a time when such a department was not vocal in addressing customer complaints and even fueled corruption as meter readers went on to take $20 bribes from residents or else lock water supply to the poor residents.


As shown from the above scanned image, the Harare City council has been under a sinister reign, just nothing but a League of big thieves, mercenaries who were not holding those high positions to serve the people’s interest but just there to enrich themselves.





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