#MondayBlues: What Happened To The ICT Innovation Fund

Yours truly, is enjoying the long Easter holidays, and there is no better time to wind down the memory lane , as I flash back to how fast the first quarter of the year has already passed.

And boy was there hype on the $25million, ICT Innovation Fund!

By Sting

Zimbabwe was taken by storm over the ICT innovation fund, first it was the Bulawayo launch, September 14th, which gathered hundreds of fully potential young tech players who were raring to go. The launch on itself lit up the sleepy Bulawayo, though some prize winners are still waiting.

Bulawayo based ICT Innovator WhoWon An Award

Then the Harare launch was the mother of all technovations, hundreds as well pitched up, the competition to convince the adjudicators was healthy and ripe, these youngsters for the first time ever saw hope coming to them, it was emotional , literally some tears were even dropped.


But then there was silence, pure dead silence! We approached the end of 2016 with nothing but silence, unfortunately till now the silence is still deafening.

harare Based ICT Innovators contestants

The minister of ICT Postal and Courier services, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira during a separate breakfast event of the same fund was upbeat about the idea and promised that it would be taking off soon.


Slowly but surely, the year came to an end, another one kicked in and officially, the first quarter is now gone.


Was this just a political gimmick? Do they now want to simply fund elections with the fund? Or Something else different happened?


Of course skeptics and critics can not be blamed for raising eye brows over the deafening silence.


When we interviewed the minister of ICT on the transparency of the funds and the launch of it thereof, he assured that all was well.


“Remember,  every cent that comes through Potraz is fully audited and accounted for  and  government will be transparent to make sure we achieve the main purpose of promoting our young ICT  innovators,” he said.

The minister also rubbished the skepticism  on how the funds will be administered promising the nation that this is a national project without any political inclination where the intended recipients will benefit.

Yours truly will have to catch up with Potraz, who have been empowered with the administration of the funds to understand why it has taken them 8 months since September last year, to deliver what they promised the nation.


Lets catch up next week, after the holidays and please do make it back after Easter and independence holidays in one peace, enjoy the long Holidays..

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