#MondayBlues: What If Government Is Behind The Cash Crisis?!


World over there are many conspiracy theories that stand to be proven and tested yet nations are running daily with them ignoring , but deep down in the hearts of many, they know things are not just as they look.

Conspiracy theories have always been difficult to prove, except the fact that people know that all is not true, or there is enough evidence to doubt what the official statement are saying.

Of course when it comes on record, official statements will simply call them conspiracy theories.

We have reasons to believe that the current cash crisis could be government inflicted and they know exactly how long they are willing to let the problem last before they introduce their own “heroic solutions”.

Yes, weird as it may sound, the government may have caused the cash crisis so that they find an excuse to finally introduce the bond note so that they appear as heroes saving the nation and force Zimbabweans to accept the currency.

While the country is literally burning and suddenly confused about where and who is taking the cash out from the system, it is shocking and saddening to note that the government has not yet pointed or arrested anyone against this horrific crime.

They have been suggestions and leads that some Chinese companies are externalizing the cash and nothing on record has been done to expose or investigate any one of them.

What makes the situation even more sickening is the fact government is only talking about the problem and threatened to arrest anyone caught on the crime , while in actual essence there is nothing going on, on ground.

The question is what policy has government really put to stop the tormenting crisis upon Zimbabweans which has seen millions spend their progressive day on queues.


  1. Why is that to date the government has not made a statement or policy that encourages sensible and sober banking so that Zimbabweans cease to need any cash like the promotion of plastic, mobile or digital money?.


I recently spoke of a crazy idea like the introduction of 0.5% incentive on any plastic money transaction.


  1. Why is our banking system awkward, and does not have interest on deposits?.

Why has the learned governor and minister of finance haplessly watched our banks in a non inflationary environment run banks without interest on deposit. World over only Zimbabwe and some few anarchy countries discourage banking.

The informal sector is more than 80% of the economy and these are not banked because bank charges and interests on deposits are insane.

The question is why have we allowed Zimbabwe to run on such a system that discourages millions to bank.


  1. Why is the RBZ governor talking of Bond notes as a solution towards export and not cash crunch?


Have you taken time to read or listen to the governor of RBZ speaking about the so called Bond notes. He wants Zimbabwe to believe his on lie that he now strongly believes in. as well.

Why is that the governor continues to say the bond notes are only for supporting and incentivizing exports , when we all know there is a bigger problem than the long term problem that he is trying to solve.

What percentage of the Zimbabwean economy are exports against the suffering citizens who cant access their cash from the bank. What supports the governor’s  action to solve the exporting problem while the nation is burning over the cash crunch problem.

Truly the Governor and the Minister of Finance must think they are running a nation full of fools, or they are really creating a problem they want to solve heroically.

The government is struggling to pay even the bonus they promised, 6 months down the line, they are still proposing payment plans. They do not have the money to run the ballooning bill and come next year, the government is broke to run its own elections.

By the time the bond note comes everyone else who does not care to analyze will love and embrace it as a panacea to the current cash crisis, although we are never told that the bond note will solve the cash crisis.

Zimbabweans are now forced to accept anything that will force them off the queues and this thing shall be called bond notes and the same solution will lead to the decay of our economy.

Remember when Dr. Gono was the governor, he brought in “unheard solutions meant to rescue Zimbabwe” We were taught to accept these solutions as the savior of the nation and yes inflation ran amok and we managed to even beat Germany in only one thing, inflation.

Inflation has already started being recorded after years of deflation in Zimbabwe. The leaned governor knows and is seeing the effects of the bond notes before it comes but lo and behold he is willing to still implement it.

Why do we really need this solution that will cause cash burning and forced a currency that the nation has no confidence on at a time when we seemed to have beaten inflation!!.

Who really needs to end up having bond notes if the RBZ decides to splash them on the streets, buying cash on high denominations using the bond notes will start the first day they Introduce them and in less than a month a bond note will be worth less than its 10th because no one needs something that looks like money when its not money.

Of course this could be nothing but conspiracy theory, a simple way to dismiss the future before it comes , only that its inevitable!.



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