#MondayBlues: Finally TelOne Hires A Marketing Manager, Here is Her Job Description

Two decades ago, TelOne , the then PTC was a giant company which was envied by every telecommunications engineer. Your level of success in the telecommunications field was only determined by making it to the top cream at PTC. Even the now phenomenal telecoms mogul Strive Masiyiwa rose through the ranks at the parastatal to become one of Zimbabwe’s best engineer-cum-entrepreneur.     

Well, as another fact of history we don’t talk about even the telecommunications giant, Mr Strive Masiyiwa was once not only a TelOne, ( PTC ) employee, but a trainee as well before he broke out to start his own successful enterprises. Today Strive heads a fiercely built empire which comprises of Econet Wirelesss, Liquid Telecom and ZOL Zimbabwe, some three crazy babies which are digging on TelOne’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By Bee Sting 

I have two issues with TelOne: How the mighty has fallen and allowed small players to come in, claiming serious market share which is now causing the giant recurring headaches, not to mention the childish ad poking we have been seeing in recent months. This is why we are so appreciative of the recent move by TelOne to appoint a Marketing Manager who is expected to raise the bar in pushing the fixed telecom operator’s products to a more broader commercial level.      

This primarily boils down to their technical and marketing prowess to turn around their fortunes in a diffusing economic operating environment. We have to admit that their technical team has been doing a good job to make their services work and its hard to forgo the thought that TelOne as a fixed operator struggled to sell Adsl, which up to date is still a relevant Internet technology.

This is how TelOne wrote their script, while in numerous instances, their Managing Director, Mrs Chipo Mutasa has continuously stated that “we are a converged telecommunications company”, the perception which is way greater than reality.

After a long and unscripted disappearance of Isheunesu Mugadza, we guess the honors now remains on their newly appointed Marketing Manager, Mrs Maureen Chirambaguhwa. She came in to stir the marketing department in a favorable direction expected to raise company sales through pushing TelOne’s services aggressively into the tightly contested market.

Maureen Chirambaguhwa is a seasoned marketer with over 10 years’ experience in the Telecommunications Industry where she has led in the development and positioning of many brands. She hold an Honours Degree in Business Studies majoring in Marketing from the University of Zimbabwe. She also holds an Executive MBA from the University of ESAMI (Eastern and Southern African Management Institute) Tanzania. Her passion for Marketing is set to see the TelOne Brand sour to greater heights.

By the authority vested upon self as yours truly, #MondayBlues do here by rewrites he job description, in the true and genuine interests to see the Organization come out as the giant it was, here is your job description.

*Thou shall sell fibre, with all your heart, with all your strength and all your mighty and remember fibre is not spelt ADSL.
*Making sure that every house hold appreciates and understand the ADSL, besides most people do not care the technology, they simply want fast internet, millions in high residential areas have copper cables lying around, those are the customers that should be using it.
*Changing the perception the nation has towards TelOne, its not a fixed operator running on traditional systems.
* creating lively adverts, that speak tech and sell brands not just white space at such great costs, if possible just get a new brand agency to take the brand forward .
*Restoring the landline, its not dead, if the world over is still using the cheap landlines , why kill it in Zimbabwe

These are key issues which we strongly feel are fundamental to the growth of TelOne and should these be fixed, TelOne still has a chance to restore the glory of yester year and bounce back as a strong telecommunications operator.

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