#MondayBlues: Finally Media Has an "Acting" Minister!


After #MondayBlues had a lengthy article pointing out to lack of appointment of a media and broadcasting services minister,  and lack of the same governing board causing many hierarchal issues, We are glad to announce that our ministry finally has a minister in the name of Simon Khaya Moyo. 
By ToneoT Rutsito
But wait a minute? Is he not the same minister of  Energy and Power Development?
We are happy some MPs took the concerns to the gallery and argued that the president must appoint a minister to fill up this hole as the permanent secretary of media, Cde George Charamba was now virtually holding three hats, a move which burdens him personally, while this removes checks and balances for good corporate governance.

It is very procedural for a current sitting minister who is available to act as the minister for another ministry in the temporary absence of a fellow minister. This has always been the standard procedure and not even the deputy minister can act for his minister in his absence.

While this is the norm in Zimbabwe, another question then arises.
What then happens in the case that an acting minister acts over a permanently absent minister, does the same statute stand, because the minister has his own portfolio and should be focused towards growing that minister, how does he manage to permanently act?
I guess these are the challenges that come with the ED new government when very few of your stalwarts can be trusted to run critical ministries before one is forced to regurgitate the same faces across ministries.
The media has always wanted media laws repealed and this is no job for the PS to answer, who by all standards is only a civil servant, and an acting minister is likely to be overwhelmed before we see any movement, as Zimbabwe goes for the national elections.
The post was vacant after President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa to the post only to reverse this 24 hours later when he learnt that he had appointed more non-constituency members to his cabinet that was allowed by the law.
Khaya-Moyo was Information Minister under President Robert Mugabe but was appointed Energy Minister in the new government.
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo as the Acting Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister until further notice.
The last part reads until further notice, so this could be the last notice till elections hence we can start taking him as the fully appointed minister, besides he has b==never been there for the past 2 months and all was “moving on” under Charamba, technically will move on.

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