#MondayBlues: Econet Manager Arrested Over NetOne Bibs

The Bulawayo branch, account manager for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Mr Munyaradzi Chikwama is reportedly assisting the Zimbabwe Republic Police, in Bulawayo over allegations of confiscating NetOne property, #MondayBlues can reveal.

NetOne has sent #MondayBlues heads up concerning the matter which they have deplored and blamed Econet Wireless Zimbabwe for playing dirty to maintain market share in a move they have called unethical and unfair business practice.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has been sending some unidentified agents to move around the nation wiping away NetOne Bibs from vendors  while replacing them with two of their brand new Bibs in exchange for one of their competitor’s, reported NetOne.

NetOne has confirmed that they have already taken the matter to the police and a total of 500 bibs have been recovered from Bulawayo and Plumtree so far from the ratchet. The accused, Mr Munyaradzi Chikwama is said to be leading the operation from the Matabeleland.


 When TechnoMag contacted the accused for comment he could not admit or deny the allegations but referred us to the head office for any press statements. Unfortunately we could not reach Econet Wireless Zimbabwe for comment on the matter.

A Telecel Zimbabwe executive had also earlier on laid the same allegations against Econet but had failed to provide proof thereof while he insisted that all their bibs in Mutare and other towns had been wiped away as well.

An average bib costs from around $5 to top quality costing $9 and having more than 500 of those confiscated costs  for a tune of  $4 500.00.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is currently on a nationwide drive to train vendors while they have been publicly giving them their new bibs and recently have paraded most of these on their social network platform.


Econet Vendors BibsWe could only suspect that the same operation could have forced them to be on a collision path with their direct competitors who are already planning to take the matters up with POTRAZ, the national telecommunications regulator.

Econet vs Netone wars is not anything new while the biggest battle may have been that of Econet vs Telecel.


Nicole Madziwa

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