#MondayBlues: Econet, Gvt Washing Dirty Linen in Public

Everyone wears panties or mini-briefs under their clothes, including the writer, “Yours truly.” The problem only comes when one goes public describing the colour , brand, size or texture of the undergarment  one is wearing, it really becomes unnecessary and too heavy for public consumption.

Last week the media was literally awash with Econet VS Gvt, the Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of ZImbabwe (Potraz) to be more specific.

By Sting

The mudslinging and blame game was just sickening, unnecessary and childish, and someone will have to stop this madness before it goes unwarranted. It proved both parties involved are willing to exchange words publicly for as long as the readers are willing to read or listen.

This is nothing but a mere diversion from the real facts on ground, which to date were left unchanged, unchallenged and the future is still unclear on how data pricing and landing should be solved in Zimbabwe.

The nation gains nothing but seeing powerhouses exchanging their verbal arsenal while revenues continues to decline, operators can no longer pay for their loans and more importantly consumers are still struggling to keep up with tough economic challenges.

These are real issues which were not solved and are not going to be solved by the current squabbles going on. Ignoring them now would not wipe away these problems but will only keep them and their effects longer, lingering upon our heads.


While Econet became an unfortunate sacrificial lamb, Zimbabweans should also be reminded that other operators and the regulator Potraz through the ministry of ICT as well had approved these crazy rates leading to the new status quo.

Charging a minimum of 50mb per dollar is what we are supposed to be looking into as the de-facto rates which should scare you as the subscriber and worry you as the government  with telcos needing a better plan for viability.

Hon Supa Mandiwanzira

All the  operators cannot really function with the current data rates, and we force these upon them then slowly like a cancer we are destroying the same progress we are celebrating because soon or later it will collapse.

How long should promos run, how can they be designed to be profitable and where do we separate the line between a promotion and a tariff.

It sounds senseless for all players to run loss making promotions only to ask the government to intervene so they become profitable. This is a business, every business should create system that makes them profitable without needing any regulation to help get their act together.


All this politicking and finger pointing should stop and we should focus on solving the problem and logic that brought us to this position in the first place.


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