#MondayBlues: Econet Finally Gets It Right At Tsvangirai's Memorial

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Subscribers who attended the burial of MDC leader Morgan Richard Tsvangirai last year were left dissapointed, dumped and disconnected as Econet technicians failed to connect tens of thousands who had thronged the Mahusekwa village with no signal connectivity.

Just like what they did at Tuku’s burial, it seems Econet Wireless Zimbabwe also goes through death of signal whenever there is a huge funeral of any local icon, disconnecting the masses gathered at any given point, of course to the advantage of competition.

Ironically, the team on ground over the weekend had a good plan, this time they brought in a mobile base station that works, and the connectivity was flawless.

Around 5 000 or more people were present for the memorial and Econet which has the biggest number of subscriber base of 80% of the market share must have ways to ensure that their subscribers enjoy full connectivity

Of course many people, TechMag.TV included had the ease to live stream the event, share in real time and data bundles had a field day as many people were sharing content in real time.

In this case, there it was both a business and social cause and we greatly commend them for transporting their mobile base station to the venue, and making sure everyone from Mahusekwa village was connected.

For companies like NetOne, they had a very decent connectivity, maybe because they invested already in such areas and there was no need for such a move, either way, kudos, for keeping the communities connected

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