#MondayBlues: Econet Disconnects NetOne?


NetOne subscribers have been failing to get through to Econet numbers in a move that has quickly led many to conclude and speculate that Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is constricting communication with Netone, amid interconnection fees issues.

The same issue happened with Telecel Zimbabwe when Econet Wireless started constricting traffic , which was not a disconnection per se, but only few lucky callers would find it to the other end. Ofcurse NetOne Took advantage of the Telecel vs Econet wars.

Netone has recently launched their massive data bundles and their daily dollar bundle which is taking the market by storm and while the downtime has concurrently appeared, sceptics were quick to point out that NetOne could be facing data constriction.

However the rumours were quickly dismissed by Mr Reward Kangai, The Netone Chief Executive Officer Who said that this was nothing but a technical fault on Netone side and their colleagues at Econet were very much worried about the matter


“The problem has been caused by the Fault on the fibre link at willowvale, this is caused by our own faulty mobile switch which transfers data to Econet and by this morning, I had a confirmation that the fault had been rectified”

The NetOne executive also rubbished rumours that they are any outstanding interconnection fees with Econet, atleast that which he is aware of and maintained that it was nothing but their own switch which had a fault.


Nicole Madziwa

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