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Ecocash Must Truly Regret the Technical Challenges.


If I would choose to be anything, I would never want to be an Ecocash engineer at this moment!

The worst has happened to Ecocash, what was supposed to be a quick system upgrade or is it a system migration of moving from one server to the other has caused serious server stability issues , which in turn has greatly affected clients.

This is the worst Ecocash system failure since its inception.

For days users had to be patient waiting for the system to restore and bounce back to normalcy but this was not so as most of the services on the platform were either not functioning properly or completely down.

Millions of transactions did not go through during this period and yes there was a potential business prejudice caused by the downtime and service outage.

But the worst was not on the Ecocash side but rather on the clients. Imagine you only had those few thousand dollars to pay for your bus ticket, school fees placement or do a last rush grocery shopping and then boom, the money is out of your wallet but hangs up somewhere..where no one really knows.

In accounts, there is always a suspense that holds movement of money from one account to the other, but no one knows why it’s so hard to locate yours the moment it leaves your Ecocash account but never reaches the intended destination.

This is the moment when users are either broke without both the money and the services or goods paid for. Ecocash could not instantly reverse these types of transactions except physically going to their shop.

So much for a technological company, which must thrive in convinience.

Today many people are still queuing at Ecocash to try shops to get these reversals and if you are lazy to go there, you may get lucky and get attention with some few public tweets, hopefully.

If you were less unfortunate and conducted a swipe iin to ecocash the journey then begins to go to your bank and get a letter from them full of rtect that rarely makes sense because if money did not hit the ecocash recipient as well then they must simply refund me .

All these movememnts are being done by innocent customers who only wanted to move money from one point to the other .

The serious inconvience is to much and they have to be systems that are made to first protect the clients against such a pissibility and as wel in furture so that this trend does not go on unabated.

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