#MondayBlues: DStv Is Ripping off Zimbabweans

Zimbabweans have complained about massive tariff differences compared to their South African counterparts, unfortunately the cry has been falling on deaf ears as MultiChoice Zimbabwe has continued to maintain profiteering rates against the struggling Zimbabweans.

They recently softened their tough stance when they returned the top English Premier Leagues to low bouquets, after months of a national outcry which had forced Zimbabweans to upgrade their subscriptions, just for the love of the game.

By Sting.

Today millions of Zimbabweans are seeking alternative forms of home and office entertainment, thanks to pathetic ZBC programming, a move which only saw DStv emerge as the sole player with quality satellite content.



However a comparison of these rates with regional South African counterparts leaves a lot to be desired, especially when Zimbabwe is actually using a multi currency regime, a move which can only be compared to profiteering.

Zimbabweans feeling the pinch however have been migrating their DStv accounts to South Africa, a move MultiChoice Zimbabwe was quick to warn as illegal, and any DStv Zimbabwe agent who was caught doing so lost his/her license.

Other African countries reaping off subscribers.

While its obvious that millions have fallen in love with DStv in Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean office for some reason has not been considerate in their costing structure and refused to see the writing on the wall.

When Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s founder, Mr Strive Masiyiwa initially announced that he will soon make home entertainment accessible and affordable, most people took the statement for granted.


They never thought an IP based market will ever be felt in the satellite business, neither did it pose as a competitor in such a space, so literally many people kept the door closed but not until now.

Econet Wireless entered the market with Kwese, initially it was nothing but a zero rated online platform that really did not have anything worth it, even for the zero price tag.

It started making serious noise when it brought the EPL to KweseTV , however the impact was not of any significance to their targeted market and was purely an Internet connected generation that cares to see things from the online perspective.

Just to prove what they are made of, they have brought the Olympics games to ZBC TV and even better the English Premier League top games live on ZTV and free of charge

Shocking news fell upon us, when Kwese started introducing their own FTA satellite based services. They are already being mounted regionally and sooner the news will be breaking in Zimbabwe.

If Kwese can capture quality content, there is no reason why the exorbitantly charged Zimbabweans will not simply switch their decoders for the new player, just like how we tossed away those Wiztech and Philibao decoders, so shall we to the DStv!!.

The writing is now on the wall and DStv will need to urgently sit down and consider their economically bleeding clients as partners towards their success, lest they risk their own viability.

Many technologies have completely gone dead absolutely because the founders and directors were so comfortable that they own the future and ignored the power of technology that has revolutionized the world. Today some of these names are nothing but big names who made it, unfortunately their only place has remained in the past, and they may never see the daylight ever.



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