#MondayBlues: Of Astro’s Promise To locally Manufacture Smartphones


For a long time, Zimbabwean companies have adopted this tendency of pronouncing big plans and mega deals  to media houses for the purposes only of generating screaming headlines. Unfortunately, no one follows up these big announcements especially from the Media. 

It is the duty of the media to follow up on these same promises to update the news consumers on the progress, especially after the time frame would have lapsed.

It defies logic when headlines continuously feed false hope to the readers.

Astro Mobile Zimbabwe once hogged our headlines over its big plans to set up local cellphone manufacturing  plant where cellphones and smart Televisions would be produced in Zimbabwe.

Astro TV

While there is no harm whatsoever in being ambitious, it is sad to note that a year has gone by now and nothing materialised. On the other hand, Zimbabweans who had hoped for such an opportunity to come by are still waiting in anticipation.

Astro mobile boldly said that they were looking into assembling and producing smartphones and Televisions locally at less than half the price of most of its competitors.

Their statement sold hope to overcharged Zimbabweans, that finally their hard earned bond notes would finally find value.

While giants like Samsung also launched local plants, the effects of such moves were insignificantly felt as it is still reasonably cheaper for one to import the same TV screens from neighboring South Africa including duty.

This tendency of selling false hope to Zimbabweans across the economy has gone unquestioned for a long time and needs to be ridiculed by all level headed Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe is currently surviving on borrowed hope for the future that things are going to be well and we need to bank that hope on reasonable grounds.

The next national and past mega deals to be announced also rightfully deserve follow ups and proper feedbacks to the same audience, which the news once broken to.

While the Astro Founder, Mr Munyaradzi Gwatidzo remained buoyant about the move, efforts to get a concrete comment from him were fruitless as he continuously said he will fully respond when the time is ripe.

While Zimbabweans should also learn to celebrate own success, to whom much is given much is required, nothing is amiss with holding those accountable.



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