MondayBlues: Time to also lockdown the 2% tax, Mobile Charges

As Zimbabwe goes in its 21 days of Lockdown today, the government and corporate world need to show cause and support to humanity during these very economically challenging times.

Both Mobile Network Operators and financial institutions, or should in say the regulators in their form of Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Of Zimbabwe (Potraz) must have encouraged their service providers to be more lenient in these unprecedented times .

By Toneo Toneo

It can not surely be business as usual, because its not!

Zimbabweans who have struggled to make any savings, are still not exempted from the punitive charges and taxes for the next 21 days, which is translated business as usual when the terms of trade are surely not saying so on ground.

The banks must have scrapped the recent charges they increased and more importantly, the government must have led the way by freezing or cancelling the 2% tax per every transaction.

Other governments have gone in to make sure they provide three meal for their citizens and sustain them through their various lockdowns yet in Zimbabwe, we are yet to see any relaxations on tariffs, tax or general prohibitive charges .

Zimbabweans are basically not making any revenues for the next 21 days and continuously taxing them under such an environment is only insensitive of the authorities.

The government has encouraged banks to reduce their charges but forgot to remind the finance ministry that it also needs to redress the 2% tax

Charity must begin at home!

Mobile network operators have not moved an inch towards the plight of the subscribers, none has reduced ther mobile money tariffs nor relooked in to their data bundles as consumers remain under pressure.

A lockdown bundle would not only have been a relief but more importantly more creative and gesture if sincerity by any mobile network, which dares to be different in these trying times.

We cant be all animals looking for kill!

Where are the philanthropic works through releasing of taxation and cutting down on possible revenue collection when fellow citizens are under duress.

I will be closely checking how those in authority will respond to this plea, lets show cause for humanity and unity of purpose during these trying times.

We have never complained about being charged or taxed when we made revenues, now that its obvious we are on a lock down, is there not a cause?

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