#MondayBlues: What Happened To The StarFm Boss, "Simbi Yamudhara"

The Good OlDays </strong>
<blockquote>Welcome to Simbi yamudhara your weekend radio will never be the same...,"</blockquote>
and these are the words that still ring a loud bell in many
s heads.
He is humble and cool guy to many, and to date he is one guy whose humility will puzzle many. Radio was his life and for dearly following up his passion, the man was greatly rewarded till he landed the top post at arguably Zimbabwes leading digital radio station.</strong>
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Its yet another Monday and the past few <a href="http://www.technomag.co.zw/2015/05/10/introducing-monday-blues-no-holds-barred-tech-talk/"> #MondayBlues</a> column was digging in on <a href="http://www.technomag.co.zw/2015/05/10/monday-blues-econet-should-stop-the-hypocrisy/">Econet
s Hypocrisy, before we followed up on Potraz Boss Pushed out the and the internal politicking at Telecel Zimbabwe
Admire Taderera joined Starfm as the General manager since its inception in 2012 and the station grew only in a year to become the formidable voice behind radio.
admire taderera
Sad enough, events started to unfold just after the radio station turned two years putting the soft spoken man in a real tight situation!
They Forced Him On Leave
Zimpapers the parent company of the radio station was not happy with the results as the station continously made losses, mainly because it was still new and probably reasonable, but after two years the management had to make a “wrong decision” that also saw Innocent Tshuma, call it quits.
If you ask #MondayBlues, Ofcourse for Innocent he was nothing compared to Admire, brother was just too full of himself promoting his own personal facebook page that at times you may be forgiveen to think he deserved to be shown the way out
Anyway , back to the StarFM boss!
On the 16th Of August 2014, StarfM Boss was sent on forced Leave!
I smelt a rat, infact i smelt a big rotten rat!

The Then Zimpapers CEO Mr Justin Mtasa said there was no rat or mouse to smell back then.

“It is a cost cutting measure on the part of the organisation since Taderera has more than 40 days of leave days, he had to go on leave.
“In fact, all the executives who have accrued more than 40 days will be going on leave,”

he said.

“He is going to come back on October , and I assure you that he is going to retain his post,”

said Mutasa.
Did he assure us, Hell Yeah he Did so i waited for the calender days….Alas Nothing Happened, infact Something Did Happen????
Lies ! Lies ! Lies! Damn Lies!
The first week of October 2014, Zimpapers Acting CEO……(OOOps the CEO was also no longer there) announced the
“early retirement” of Simbi Yamudhara.
“The Zimpapers acting chief executive officer and group chief operations officer Pikirayi Deketeke thanked Mr Taderera for brilliant ideas which were vital in the development of the radio station.”

As an experienced broadcaster, he played a huge role in the training of junior staff members,” he said. “Star FM was the first commercial radio station in Zimbabwe and people in Binga can now listen to the station, which is attributed to his brilliant ideas.

he said
Mr Taderera also got his moments close to the Mic and he said

“I appreciate all staff members who made Star FM what it is today. I was given an opportunity to have my time at the station which is a big brand in Zimbabwe.

“If you are a team player, wait for the ball and learn to pass it to other players. Teamwork is a vital cog in the development of any institution.

Diplomatic I should Say!

The Sad Event That Followed

On 19 Dec 2014 the veteran DJ was hit with a stroke!

“His condition has slightly improved since the stroke before Christmas but he cannot talk and one side of his body is paralysed,” a family member was quoted as saying in local media.
Bad, Real Bad!
I cant speculate what caused the stroke and efforts to get in touch with my old buddie were fruitless as his number is still not reachable.
Before joining StarFM, Taderera had worked for the ZBC as a radio presenter, DJ and executive for 21 years from 1986 to 2007.
In The mean time the Zimpapers Chief Technology Officer Mr Darlick Marandure is the man in charge!
So what really Happened to Simbi yamudhara?
It seems the tech industry is pushing out too many bosses or this is a reflection of an underperfoming economy which needs much greater attention.
If i was Phatisani on radio, I would ask, Can i please go deeeeper!?
There has to be a part 2 for this…

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