Mobile Number Portability, Activation is Nigh in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabweans will be soon able to jump from one network service provider to the other without any need to change their phone number as the country`s regulator Potraz Finally gives in to pressure and implementation of Mobile Number Portability.(MNP)

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Well, for record sake, TechnoMag was the first media house in Zimbabwe to recommend the implementation (MNP) where we even published in our Herald Column s the only panacea to such a problem at the height of Econet Vs “Everyone” era, ofcourse even before that we also wrote about it here too as some other African countries followed suit.

TechnoMag even went as far as advocating again for it via our Zimbabwe Independent Column where we urged the authorities to seriously look into it as a viable solution.

Way back this year, we also quizzed Telecel`s Marketing Director Mr Octivius Kahiya during a video interview on their preparedness for the implementation of the move.

To really understand more on the same topic, please read here where we explained the whole concept and how it is beneficial to Zimbabweans.

The country’s regulator, Potraz has issued a notice confirming that due to Subscribers and consumer organisations in Zimbabwe who have continued to “lobby” Potraz to introduce number portability for a while now, they have taken heed of the calls to implement it.

The regulator is already doing consultations with stakeholders to see the speedy implemantion of the move in Zimbabwe.

Potraz revealed that “ the first step in moving towards number portability in Zimbabwe is to consider Input from the operators on the technical considerations to implement the portable system.

“The inability of subscribers to retain their respective mobile telephone numbers when they change service providers presents an obstacle to competition and is an inconvenience to the customers,”


This is the move which will really tell the Zimbabwean technological landscape, when mobile subscibers “really choose their own service provider.


Most subscribers in Zimbabwe have kept their old numbers primarily because they do not want to lose connectivity with old contacts, so staying put to your old network is the only resolution regardless of the poor services delivery.

This has also led to some subscribers, buying one, too many lines to try and keep in touch with the best of both worlds.

Well soon this will be a thing of the past, by next year Potraz will be rolling out the mobile number portability and subscribers will be able to switch to the network of their own choice.

Ofcourse like in any other country, one will not be at liberty to jump around networks but limited to a certain period before switching over to any network


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