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Mobile internet and data usage increase by 56.2%

Zimbabwe internet and data usage has increased by 56.2 % from the previous quarter Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe has revealed .

The regulatory authority hinted that internet usage will continue to grow due to the increased adoption of e-learning , telecommuting and e-confrecing.

Potraz revealed the increase in its latest sector performance report of the second quarter.

“ Mobile internet and data traffic increased by 56.2% to record 10,407TB from 6,666TB recored in the previous quarter.”

Potraz added that there has also been an increase in the usage of international internet.

“Used international internet bandwidth capacity also increased by 2.8% to record 128,173 Mbps from 126,627 Mbps recored in the previous quarter.”

The usage of electronic learning platforms have increasingly being adopted due to the COVID 19 pandemic that has seen schools being closed and students turning to remote ways of learning.

While business meetings , conferences and various gatherings can not be conducted physically as measures to contain the various , Electronic conferencing became the norm with meetings being held via Zoom and other various platforms.

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