Mobile data and internet usage plummets 8.2% in Q2


Mobile data and internet usage has declined by a startling 8.2%, as consumer spending and inflationary pressure knock on salaries, this was revealed in the POTRAZ second quarter sector report.

According to the report released on Friday, data usage went down from 10,201 terabytes recorded in the previous quarter the sector recorded 9, 367 terabytes and it is worth to note that all the mobile subscribers recorded a decline in internet and data usage. This is a huge blow considering how from the 4th quarter of 2018 to the 1st quarter of 2019 there had been an astounding increase in mobile data and internet usage.

This startling decline can be attributed to the recent increase in data tariffs which appear to be under review every week. The tariff reviews are usually coming with either a reduction in the amount of data that one gets for a particular package or a price increase.

With the prevailing devaluation of the local currency and sky rocketing inflation many Zimbabweans are finding the data packages expensive. In a previous report by TechnoMag , we revealed how Zimbabwe had the lowest data tariffs in the region but still it isn’t affordable to Zimbabweans.

Most mobile operators also stopped their promotional bundles whereas many of the locals were actually subscribed to certain networks because of these. Even Netone recently reviewed its popular One Fusion bundles, and this was after many had migrated to the network after being attracted by the One Fusion Packages.

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