Mnangagwa Signs Outperforming Senior Public Officials Performance Contracts

  • President Mnangagwa today presided over the signing of performance contracts by senior public officials for the year 2022.Those who outperformed who signed included Treasury Bosses, Finance Secretary Dr George Guvamatanga, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Dr John Panonetsa Mangudya, Minister of Finance Professor Mthuli Ncube, Minister of Mines and Mining Development Hon Winston Chitando, Minister Of Agriculture Dr Anxious Jongwe Masuka, His Perm Sec Dr John Bhasera, Minister of Sports Arts Perm Sec Dr Thokozile Chitepo and Higher Education Minister Professor Murwira and his Perm Sec Professor Fanuel Tagwira amongst others.First in line was Vice President Chiwenga in his capacity as Minister of Health whilst Environment and Tourism Minister Mangaliso Nqobizita Ndlovu and ICT Minister Muswere, POTRAZ DG Dr Gift Machengete and TelOne Boss Ms Chipo Mutasa also signed.


Performance contracts were first signed by Permanent Secretaries last year.As of today they were now extended to cover cabinet ministers, chairpersons and CEOs of public entities,heads of local authorities, State-owned enterprises and State universities.

A performance contract is an agreement between Government and public officials to establish general goals during the tenure of their service.

It sets targets for measuring performance and provides incentives for achieving such targets.

The use of performance contracts is viewed as an effective and promising means of improving the performance of public enterprises as well as Government departments.

According to Mnangagwa on this occasion, government will not renege on its promise to have a high performing public service.

President Mnangagwa said , “Going forward the tripartite forum should provide timely progress reports to accelerate the formulation and implementation of appropriated responsive policies,”

The President added that , “Issues relating to fairness, transperancy, confidentiality, and objectivity in the implementation of performance contracts must be enhanced through partnerships with independent experts for consultancy.”

“Let me assure you (panga pachitaura VA Mutendi, ndawona vamwe vachisuwa, pavati Ivo Jesu anga anevatevedzi vavo gumi nevaviri, zvino imi President mune 21 , kune vatambura nazvo, ayehwa hatitevedzeri zvaJesu tichatevedzerawo zvedu number) vernacular meaning (Bishop Mutendi said things that got some to be sorrowful saying Jesus cabinet had 12 disciples compared to mine of 21 well I will not follow Jesus example).

“The above measures should be entered on the second republics philosophy, values and work ethics as we continue to build the Zimbabwe we all want overall appropriate sector reform measures that suit our local environment whilst spurring production and effective use of public resources among other aspects should be decisively followed through by all in leadership.”

There were only three categories of performance contracts signed today, which were Category 1 for those who outperformed expectations, Category 2 for those who met stipulated expectations and category 3 for those who did not live to expectations.The Tripartite which consists of Chief Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Mishek Sibanda, Chairperson of Public Service Dr Hungwe and Finance Secretary Dr George Guvamatanga presided over everyone else except for the outperforming cabinet Minister’s and RBZ Governor Mangudya whom President Mnangagwa presided over.

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