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Mnangagwa Reinstates Gata


Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission(ZACC) has cleared former Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Executive Chairperson Sydney Gata following a reported thorough investigation.

The investigations around alleged corruption activities on Gata were initiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa more than a month ago.

Gata,together with his entire board members who had been fired have now been reinstated following the completion of four of the six cases leveled against them.

ZESA Holdings Executive chairperson Gata and the entire ZESA board were fired by the former Minister Fortune Chasi early last month.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) was given four weeks to conclude investigations into corruption allegations against the chairman and the board.

The press release statement by Dr M J M Sibanda who is the the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet said,”At the Commencement of the ZACC investigations, the Executive Chairman, Dr S Gata was accused of six acts of misconduct namely
i)Self allocation of six vehicles for family and personal use.
ii)Authorising an expenditure of ZW$10 million for Christmas parties in Hwange and Kariba in 2019 without Board approval.
iii)Unilaterally installing solar equipment at his residence in Borrowdale using ZESA funds.
iv)Setting up a Trust called ZESIT to undertake several ZESA projects.
v)Interfering with disciplinary process in particular that of Mrs Norah Tsomondo,the Company Secretary of the Zimbabwe Power Company (pvt) ltd
vi)Allegedly authorizing the payment of ghost employees and his personal workers on the ZESA payroll under the misinterpretation that they were employed by ZESA.”

However President Mnangagwa has requested that Gata and the board members be reinstated in the same saying,”..Executive Chairman of Zesa
Dr S Gata while investigations are on going be allowed to carry on his responsibilities as Executive Chairman.”

“That the board members also continue in their positions until the finalization of the investigations….”

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